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    Walmart Marketplace for Shopify

    If you are eagerly searching for a platform to sell your Shopify store products worldwide, we suggest you to go with our app called Walmart Marketplace by Webkul for Shopify to publish your products on Walmart Marketplace.

    This app facilitates you to offer your Shopify store products on which is one of the largest online marketplaces. It will not only help you to increase your sales but also make you free from the hassle of managing inventory.

    Using the Walmart Marketplace app, you can map all your Shopify store collections with the pre-defined Walmart collections. Accordingly, you can map all your product attributes with Walmart attributes.

    Once the mapping is done you can sync the products created on your Shopify Store with Walmart Marketplace.

    Now once the customer places an order from the Walmart Marketplace, you will directly get the order details and you can manage the fulfillment on your Shopify store.

    Please Note:- In order to publish your Shopify store products on Walmart marketplace, you first need to get registered as a seller on from where the Walmart customer ID and Secret key will be provided to you.

    App Features

    • Admin can publish their Shopify store products on Walmart marketplace.
    • All the collections created on Shopify store can be mapped with the pre-defined Walmart collections.
    • Admin can also map the Shopify product attributes with pre-defined Walmart attributes.
    • Once mapped, admin can sync the products created on his/her Shopify store to Walmart Marketplace.
    • Orders created on Walmart Marketplace can be synchronized with your Shopify store.
    • Admin can update the order status from his/her Shopify store to Walmart marketplace.
    • Admin can also unpublish any of the product or its variant if he/she wants.
    • Products or variants which you fail to sync can be re-synced again with the Walmart marketplace.

    How to Install this app on Shopify Store

    In order to install this app on your store, you just need to visit the Landing page of the app. There you can enter your store URL in the box and then click on the install button to get this app on your store.

    Thus, you can install this app on your store in the easiest way.


    Home Page:

    Home page of this app contains all the information related to this app such as recent orders, sync product statistics and recent synced products details just by looking at this page.

    Configuration of this app contains two sections.One is Walmart Configuration and the other is Sync Configuration.

    Walmart Configuration:

    From this section, you can configure all the details related to Walmart Marketplace such as Walmart Customer ID, Walmart secret key and customer channel type ID.

    You will get all these details once you get registered on

    Sync Configuration:

    You can configure all the details related to the synchronisation of products and updates related to it from this section.


    This section of the app lists all the date wise mapped collections.

    Mapped collections are your Shopify store collections which are synchronised with the pre-defined collections created on Walmart Marketplace.

    From here, you can map all your collections created on Shopify Store with the Walmart collections. To do this just click on the “Map Collection” button at the upper right corner of this page.

    Redirecting to this page, you can now select your Shopify store collections simply by clicking “Shopify Collections” button. Now select the pre-defined Walmart collection from drop down and map the selected collection with it.

    You can further select the sub-categories of selected Walmart collection to map it with the shopify collection.

    Once you map these collections, just click on the “Add Combination” button to map multiple collections in bulk.

    You can delete any of the mapped collections from the action menu.


    This section lists all your Shopify product attributes mapped with the pre-defined Walmart attributes.

    From this section of the app, you can map the product attributes created on Shopify Store with the pre-defined Walmart product attributes simply by clicking the “Map Attributes” button.

    First you need to select the collection which are already mapped with the pre-defined Walmart store collection and then select the walmart product attribute associated with your mapped collection. Once done, click on the “Add Attribute” button to map all the selected attributes.

    You can also delete any of the product variant which are mapped with Walmart product variant from action menu.

    Important Note:- In order to sync your product variants it is necessary to map all your attributes with the pre-defined Walmart attributes properly. 


    You can now view the list of all the mapped products in this section along with their Sync status.

    Mapped products are your Shopify store products which are synchronised with the published products of Walmart Marketplace.

    You can sync your Shopify store products with Walmart Marketplace simply by clicking “Sync Products” button.

    Once you click on Sync Products button, you need to choose the products from your Shopify store which you want to sync with the Walmart Marketplace.

    Now click on Start Synchronization button to synchronize all your selected Shopify store products with Walmart Marketplace.

    In this way you can synchronize your Shopify store products with Walmart Marketplace and view the status from Products section of the app.

    From this section, you can select the products and unpublish them also if you don’t want those products to be sold on Walmart Marketplace. You can unpublish the products in bulk also.

    Additionally, you will also get an option to unpublish any of the variant of any mapped product.

    Follow the below given procedure:

    Visit the “Mapped Products” section of the app>> Select any of the product and click on “View Variants” button>>Select the variants of that product>>Actions>>Click on “Unpublish Selected Variant” to unpublish it on Walmart Marketplace.

    Moreover you can also re-sync any of the product and its variant if you want from the “Action” menu.


    This section lists all the Walmart Marketplace orders which are synced with the Shopify store orders along with the acknowledge and order status.

    You can click on the order ID to get all the details about that synced order such as order status, order fulfillment status, customer information and much more.

    There you will also get an option to edit that order simply by clicking “Edit Order” button. Once you click that button you will be straightaway redirected to the Shopify backend from where you can manage the order status.

    Webkul Support

    Hope you like this blog. To get more interesting blog keep in touch with us. If you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at You can contact to get proper assistance.

    Thank You for reading this blog!

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