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Social Network Tabs for Shopify

Updated 9 December 2019

Social Network Tabs for Shopify is an awesome application that will combine all your favorite social network profiles, create their tabs and display them on front-end with a slider showing the content of the tab. This app helps in making your store socially equipped with platforms like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Pinterest/Tumblr and many more.


  • Provides different social networks with feeds
  • Displays the latest posts of different social networks
  • Provides you to set values for Social Networks, Styling and other settings like location, height, width, etc
  • The block showing tabs and their slider will be displayed anywhere in frontend according to the location you set
  • Provides below given different social media tool access on one single tab
    • Facebook Page
    • Google Latest +s
    • LinkedIn – Company Profile, Member Profile, Company Insider & Jobs Plugins
    • Facebook Like Box/Stream
    • Facebook Recommendations
    • Pins Flickr Gallery
    • RSS Latest Posts
    • Youtube channel
    • Pinterest
    • Latest Diggs
    • Stumbleupon posts and views
    • Loved/Recent/Reply Tracker
    • Dribble posts, views, likes and number of comments
    • Vimeo posts, views, likes, and number of comments
    • Tumblr posts
    • Deviantart Latest Posts


On Landing Page, you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the app.



After The Installation, You Need To Buy The Monthly Plan Available For This App. Once The Payment Is Done For The Plan, The App Will Be Listed In The Apps Section After Clicking On The App You Will Be Redirected To The Home Page Of The App.


Configuring the App

Follow the below screenshots to know the detailed configuration procedure:

To get “Social Network Tabs” window displayed on the store, follow the below process:

Searching for a Shopify
Headless solution ?
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  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  • Click Actions > Edit code.
  • Further, search for liquid template & copy-paste the code.

Select any .liquid file from the Templates or Snippet where you want to show the Social Network Tab.
Paste the below-given code in any Liquid file where you want the “Social Network” tab & then click on save button to save the changes:

{{ '//' | stylesheet_tag }}
{{ '//' | script_tag }}
  <div id='wk_social_tabs'></div>

Setting The Configuration Values For Social Network Tabs:

The Social Network Tabs Configuration page will consist of three tabs:

  • Social Networks
  • Settings
  • Styling

1. Social Network Configuration:

You can click on these tabs for changing the values of different settings. Default values are already set while the installation of this application, you can change them according to your requirement.


For Example: If you want to set the values for Facebook Social Network, click on Social Networks Tab and then click on the facebook icon tab which will get displayed after click Social Network Tab, fill the details and click on Save Credentials button.

2. Settings Of Social Network Tabs:

To set Display Settings, click on Settings Tab, fill the details and click on Save & Continue button.


3. The Styling Of Social Network Tabs:


So this was the whole process for displaying Social Network Tabs at your site’s front-end.

Front End View

The Social Network Tab will appear on the store with all the social media tools configured at the backend and LIVE feeds.

nitika store

This is how the “Social Network Tabs” app works.
Click Here on  Social Network Tabs to get the app

Shopify Social Network Tabs: Demo Details

Follow the below-given links and credentials to use the demo of Social Network Tabs app:

FrontEnd Demo:


For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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