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    Odoo Connector for Shopify: Manual Mapping

    Updated 7 February 2020

    Odoo Connector for Shopify facilitates the Manual Mapping of Products, Customers, Orders, Collections, Payment, taxes and much more from Shopify to Odoo.

    As you have your products both in Shopify and Odoo and you want to update the data at both the ends once any order is created or inventory is updated. Then first you need to map your Shopify Store products with Odoo.

    Thus, we have this Manual Mapping option available in our app which will help you to easily map your Shopify store products with Odoo. Using this, You can either map the Product variants manually or upload a Product CSV file to update your data seamlessly at both Shopify and Odoo end.

    Once mapped, You will have all your order creation as well as inventory details updated both in Shopify and Odoo.

    Additional Functionalities

    • Order Details get synced from Shopify to Odoo if you have mapped the products available in that order.
    • Inventory details get synced.
    • Map the product variants manually from Shopify to Odoo.
    • Update your data at both Shopify and Odoo end.
    • Upload the Product CSV file and map up to 1000 records at a time.

    Product Mapping

    You can map all your Shopify store products with Odoo and thus update the data at both the ends.

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    To do so, first you need to visit the “Products” section of the app. There, you will get a “Manual Mapping” button in the Product Mapping page. 

    Odoo Connector11

    Once you click this button, you will be directed to a page where you can manually map the product variants and thus manage the inventory from Shopify to Odoo.

    Here you need to select the Shopify store product which you want to map, then choose a variant for that product and finally search the Odoo product to map with the selected Shopify store product.

    Odoo Connector15
    Odoo Connector12

    You can go through the below procedure:

    Shopify Store App Section>>Odoo Connector App>>Products>>Manual Mapping>>Select the Product and its variant>>Choose an Odoo Product to map it with Shopify>> Click on Add button.

    In this way, you can manually map the variants of your Shopify store with Odoo.

    Product CSV Upload

    Now, if you want to map all your Shopify Store Product’s variant with Odoo at a time, then you can create a Product CSV file and upload it to update the inventory details at both ends in one go.

    First visit the Products section and then click on the CSV Upload button to upload the product CSV file.

    Take a glance at the procedure:

    Odoo Connector App>>Products>>Click on CSV Upload button>>Choose file>>Click on Upload button.

    Odoo Connector14

    Once you click on the CSV Upload button, you will be redirected to Product CSV Upload section where you need to choose a CSV file and upload it.

    Odoo Connector13
    Odoo Connector16

    Please Note:- You can upload maximum 1000 records in the CSV file at a time.

    In this way, You can map your Shopify Store products with Odoo and thus update your inventory as well as Order creation details by Manual Mapping.

    Export Products To CSV

    This option is used to export desired product mapping to CSV file. The option sends Odoo ID, Shopify ID and Shopify inventory ID to the CSV file.

    Click on the tab – ‘Export Products’ to open up the pop-up. The pop-up provides 4 options to choose from to export and send the product file to the User’s mail address.

    i.) All Products: This option sends the aforementioned mapping details of all products to the file.

    ii.) Selected products: This is useful to export details of only desired products.

    iii.) Current Page: Using this option, you can export only those products which are displayed on the current page.

    iv.) Date Interval: Select the date interval for which you wish to export the product mapping data.


    Find the below link to use the demo of Odoo connector:

    Need Support?

    Hope you like this blog. To get more interesting blog keep in touch with us. If you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at You can contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

    Thanks for reading!

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