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    Seller Profile Page Banner Video: Shopify Multivendor Marketplace

    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: In the app, every single seller that registers on the marketplace has its own seller profile on the frontend.

    This is how the seller profile page looks like which includes a profile picture, logo & banner:


    In the app, we give the option to set the seller banner as an image or as a video. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how the admin or seller can update the seller profile page banner video.

    Before looking into how to upload the banner video, note this important point:

    To upload the banner video, we require the Youtube embed code for every video. So, let’s first see how we can generate a Youtube embed code for the video:

    Generate Youtube Embed Code

    Follow these steps:

    • If the video is already uploaded on Youtube, well and good. If not, you need to first login to the Youtube account (Create an account if you don’t have one).
    • Now, click on ‘Create a video post’ icon on the top right & then click on ‘Upload Video‘. Refer:

    Upload the video which you want to set as the banner video and publish it.


    Now that the video is published & is live on Youtube, let’s see how to create the embed code for it.

    Open the particular video and then click on Share option as highlighted in the image below:


    Now, click on the embed option. Refer:


    Further, the embed code will be generated, just copy it & use as described ahead in this blog:


    Now, let’s move to the configuration part!

    Configuration: Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel

    The two ways the admin can set the seller profile page banner video:

    • He can either upload a default banner video that will be displayed on every seller’s profile page.
    • Or he can set a different banner video for the individual seller of his marketplace.

    Setting Default Banner Video

    Visit Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Sellers > Seller Profile Page Settings


    Here, the admin needs to click on the ‘Upload Banner‘ button & further, a pop-up will appear. In the pop-up, select video, enter the Youtube embed code and save.


    Set Banner Video for individual seller

    Visit Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Sellers > Seller Listing > Edit Seller


    On the Edit Seller Page, scroll to the bottom to find the Store Banner Image section. Here, click on ‘Upload Banner‘, select video, enter the Youtube embed code & save.


    Configuration: Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel

    Let’s see how the sellers can upload the banner video.

    Visit Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel > Profile > My Account

    Here, scroll to the bottom to find the Store Banner Image section. Here, click on ‘Upload Banner‘.


    Further, select video, enter the Youtube embed code & save.



    Check out:

    If you want to test the functionality of the backend, please request the backend demo by emailing us at [email protected] or generating a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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