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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify : Manage Seller Menus

    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify : Manage Seller Menus

    If You own an online Marketplace having multiple sellers registered on it, “Managing Seller Menus” & “Keeping track of Items sold” are the important aspects of Selling.

    With this thought, Webkul has come up with a new option for admin to manage the menus & sub-menus for Seller dashboard in the Multivendor Marketplace app. Within the Multivendor App, You need to visit the Configuration menu of the admin panel. There, You will get the “Seller Navigation” sub-menu from the drop down.

    Visiting this section of the app, You can add new menus, translate the labels of existing seller menus, enable/disable the status of menus as well as edit the menu details of Seller Dashboard.

    Go to Seller Navigation section of the app and Manage the Menus of your sellers.

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    • Admin can add new menus & sub-menus for Seller Dashboard in the Multivendor app.
    • Seller Menus can be enabled or disabled by the admin.
    • Admin can rename the labels of existing menus & sub-menus.
    • Admin can change the Status of the Menus i.e. whether you want to show the menu on seller dashboard or not.
    • Also, admin can enable/disable the Visibility of sub-menus.
    • Admin can add sub-menus of existing menus also.

    How to Manage Menus for Seller Dashboard

    Adding New Menus:

    To add a new menu for Seller dashboard, You need to visit the configuration menu of the Multivendor App. There, You need to click on the “Seller Navigation” from drop down menu.


    Clicking on Seller Navigation button, You will be landed to the page from where you will get the option to configure the menus for seller dashboard.

    Configure Menu

    Once You click on the Configure Menu button, You will have the list of all existing Main Menus of Seller dashboard. At the same time, “Add Menu” button appears at the upper right corner of the page.

    Add Menu

    Clicking on this button, You can add menu options. All You need to do is Enter the Menu Name, enter the page URL where sellers will be redirected and click on “Add Menu Option”.

    Note:- Menu Page URL will be like this:

    Add Seller Navigation

    Please Note:- Menu Page URL will not work with Menu having Sub-menus.

    Similarly, You can create sub-menus for the Main Menus.

    Submenu details

    In this way, new menus & submenus will be created for Seller dashboard from admin end.

    Editing Menu Details

    In the Action menu, You can click on the Edit button to edit the menu details such as rename the labels and update the status of menus & submenus. You can set any of the Menus as Landing Page.

    menu details
    seller Navigation

    Similarly, You can rename the labels for the submenus:Admin can rename the main menu directly from the Seller Navigation Page also.

    This is how, admin can edit the existing menus & submenus of Seller Panel.

    This is the way, admin can manage the Menus & Submenus for Seller dashboard in the Multivendor App.



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