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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Seller Membership

    As we have updated the theme of our
    Multi Vendor Marketplace app for Shopify,
    so please head over to the provided link to get the updated blog for this app:
    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Seller Membership (New Theme)

    We are here with our newly launched seller membership feature which enables you to charge a membership fee from your sellers and much more on Multivendor Marketplace. Also, you as admin can choose plan name, price and restrict the number of products for the sellers and much more.

    Enable the Multivendor Marketplace Seller Membership

    Most importantly, to enable this to go to the feature app section and enable the app. Enabling this you will be approving the additional charge of US25 per month for this feature, which will be over and above of your Multivendor Marketplace app plan’s subscription.

    Moreover, once enabled, these three options will get added to the main menu of the app.
    -Seller Membership Plan
    -Membership Configuration
    -Seller Memberships

    Admin Panel

    Likewise, Admin panel will have three sections.

    -Seller Membership Plan
    -Membership Configuration
    -Seller Memberships

    Seller Membership Plan

    Clicking on Seller Membership Plan section you will first see the screen to create any plan. Click on create the button to start creating the plans.

    You will be redirected here after clicking on the ‘Create New Plan’ button where you have to enter the plan name, subscription basis, billing day, billing cycle and other important details.

    Membership Configuration

    Moreover, the membership configuration section is divided into three part. It is precise, quick and easily configurable.
    Below are configuration options for admin:

    Display Membership Plan to Seller: Admin can choose to display the membership plan to a seller on either of the two events given below:

    Seller Memberships

    Besides that, this section shows the list of all the sellers with their membership details. Click on the view button in front of the seller to view the membership details of that particular seller.



    This section displays payment information that will be used to receive payments from sellers for feature apps such as Seller Buyer Chat and Seller Membership.
    From here the Braintree can be activated which will allow sellers to auto pay for their bills. Also, if you activated this payment method, the seller cannot be using any other payment method as their payment will be done automatically.
    Click on activate button of Braintree and fill the all the below details. You will have to enter the valid credentials.

    Deduct From Total Earning

    Also, enable/activate if you want to deduct seller payment from its total earning. No other details required.

    Likewise, there are manual methods for payment, Payfast, and Paypal as well.

    Seller Membership: Demo

    Moreover, find the below link and credentials to use the demo of the Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify:

    . . .

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  • katie salomao
    can the membership be on certain products (eg. app downloads) and exclude other products? or a per vendor plan?
    • Neha Sharma

      Currently the same is not in the membership addon, but to discuss it further for customization, you can create a ticket at


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