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    Shopify Bulkbuy

    Shopify Bulkbuy – is a very useful module which provides a functionality for the buyer by which he/she can send a request to the seller for purchasing any  product in bulk.

    It provides the following features:

    • Buyer can send a request to the seller regarding the product he wants to purchase.
    • Seller has the right either to accept or reject the request of the buyer.
    • compatible to shop theme.

     Steps to install Shopify Bulkbuy App:

    • Install Shopify Bulkbuy App From Shopify App Store

    Steps to display Bulkbuy query button on front end:

    You have follow these steps after installing Shopify Bulkbuy App in order to display “Bulkbuy button

    • Login to your shopify shop admin
    • Click on “Themes
    • A form has been  appears
    • Click on “Template Editor

    • Launchpad” has been appear
    • Click on “product.liquid

    • Paste the code given bellow in product liquid page


    After finishing all steps you see a Bulkbuy button appears in the front of your shop on product description page see image bellow

    • you can set position of button on product liquid page any where you want just place the code on that block
    • Color of button is compatible to your shop theme
    • when you click on “Bulkbuy” button a form has been appear(see next image)


    • Customer fill all detail and click on submit query
    • A mail has been sent to “Shop Admin Email-Id
    • Admin provide us email id at the time of installation of the “Shopify Bulkbuy App
    • Admin then return to his customer by his/her email id
    • Also admin can change “Shop Admin Email-Id” any time
    • for changing email id click on “order” tab in you “Shop Admin Section“(see next image)


    • After click on “Bulkbuy” link you move to page your you can edit your email id

    So this was the whole process for Shopify BulkBuy at your site’s front-end..

    If you still have any doubt ,please feel free to contact us at or you can just raise a ticket at

    . . .


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