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    Seller Terms & Conditions: Multi-vendor Marketplace For Shopify – [User Guide]

    Updated 10 August 2021

    You might be using the Multi-vendor Marketplace App on your Shopify store. This app allows sellers to get registered to your marketplace and sell products.

    Once a user gets registered as a “Seller” to a marketplace, there has to be a contract between the admin & the user. For that, it is crucial to allow sellers to accept terms & conditions for the sale of products or services.

    Using the app, you can add terms & conditions for your sellers. Thus, the seller gets the option to accept it at the time of registration.

    Moreover, you will also get the option to accept the terms & conditions (on behalf of the seller) in case you create your seller’s profile.

    Let’s dig deeper & follow the steps:-

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    Add Seller Terms & Conditions

    The first & foremost step is to add terms & conditions from the admin panel of the Multi-vendor app.

    Go to admin panel>>Click the three-dots (upper right corner of the admin dashboard). Now, click the Terms & Conditions menu in the drop-down.

    seller terms & conditions

    Visting the section, click the Add Terms & Conditions button to add seller terms & conditions.


    Clicking the Add Terms & Conditions button, you can add terms & conditions for sellers OR add a link to terms & conditions.

    seller terms & conditions admin

    Further, you can edit the terms & conditions.

    seller terms & conditions

    Now, the seller terms & conditions checkbox will appear on the seller Sign up form. A user needs to fill the Sign-up form to get registered as a seller to the marketplace.

    You can add a seller signup menu on your store to let sellers get registered.


    Admin Accepting Seller Terms & Conditions

    In case you are adding sellers from your admin panel, you will also get the option to accept terms & conditions on behalf of sellers.

    To do that, visit the Multi-vendor admin panel>>Go to Sellers menu>>Add Seller and fill all the details>>Enable the seller terms & conditions checkbox and click Create Account button.



    FrontEnd Demo:

    If you need access from the backend (admin panel), please drop a request at [email protected]


    Furthermore, if you have any questions/issues then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]

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