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Sell on Instagram with Shopify

Updated 28 April 2022

 “Instagram excelled 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and facts say that 400 million people use Instagram Stories on a daily basis.”

The above line is enough to quote how Instagram is providing ample opportunities for the variable size of businesses. Letting you grow your brand and product awareness with posts and hashtags.


Instagram With Shopify

Connect your Shopify store with Instagram and let the shoppers discover, shop, and buy your products directly from your Insta posts and stories.

Before integrating, make sure to keep the given points under check before initiating the process of connecting your Instagram as a Shopify sales channel:

  • You need to have a Basic Shopify plan or higher.
  • You must have a published facebook channel with an approved Facebook shop (there should be no age or country restrictions on it).
  • Connect your Instagram business profile to your Facebook business page.
  • Mind that, you can sell only physical products.
  • You must have the latest version of the Insta app.
  • Follow Facebook commerce policies.
  • You need to be located in a country supported by Instagram (check out).

All yes? Great!- Let’s move on…

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Turn Instagram Profile into Business One

  • Open Instagram, go to your profile, and then click on Settings > Account.
  • Tap ‘Switch to Professional account‘ 
  • Connect Insta to your Facebook business page. (Make sure that the Facebook page should be connected with Shopify)

Setting Up Your Shopify Instagram Sales Channel

  • Log in to your Shopify admin account
  • Click on the (+) icon in front of the Sales Channels menu
  • From the pop-up, click on the (+) icon in front of Instagram
  • Now, from Shopify home, go to Instagram under Sales Channels and click on ‘Account
  • Click on ‘Connect account
  • Enter the login credential of your Facebook account to authenticate your Instagram channel.

After adding your Instagram account, they will review your account & notify you once the review is completed & the account is verified.

Now you can go ahead and step up things to start using the Instagram sales channel.

Tips to Grow Instagram Business Account

Here are a few tips to optimize your Instagram Business Profile & boost your revenue.

#1. The Instagram business profile must-haves

Set up your business-related profile photo: It could be your brand logo to make your identification easy.

Perfect yet relatable bio: Your Insta bio should speak about your business. What you are & what you are offering. Don’t go overboard with it, minimal is fine.

Link your shop: Don’t forget to put up a link of your online store in the URL section from ‘Edit Profile‘. Moreover, the URL will help you track visits to your website from Instagram Insight Section.

Check out Airbnb‘s Instagram profile as it has got it all.


#2. Instagram Ads to Reach the Target Audience

The easiest way to run ads is by promoting posts you’ve shared on Insta. Just select the post you want to advertise and hit the “promote” button. What’s best is that Insta lets you create your own audience in the app by choosing an interest, age range, and gender(s). This way you can target exactly the group of audience that you want!

Clothing company Madewell 1937, for example, use the call to action “Shop now” for the button text to prompt shoppers to make a purchase while promoting it.


#3. Sell with Stories

Instagram’s story feature has cast off the originators of ‘stories’, i.e., Snapchat. This feature of Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users.  

Using Insta stories, you can engage with your audience more frequently. You can display your products video, promote special offers, and display new or upcoming launches. Add links to your Insta story with See More or Swipe Up option to redirect your audience to another web page.


#4. Hashtags

Reach out to your audience and gain organic traffic by mastering the art of hashtags.

Using the right hashtags can help you reach millions of users with almost zero effort & zero investment. Research for hashtags that are getting the most attention but should be relevant. Though, the greater the attention, the greater the traffic. It’s all about consistency with it comes to Instagram.

Insta allows you to separately search for tags. Moreover, now, users can even follow hashtags. So, even if they don’t follow your page, following the tag that you have used on your post will drop it in their feed. How cool, right?

For instance, the hashtag #healthy currently has more than 147,897,015 posts:


#5. Influencers

Collaborations & sponsorships are huge marketing & social media strategies.

People find it easier to trust personal recommendations. There is a psychological reason why big brands collaborate with celebrities. People tend to get influenced by the celebs they like. They go for what they are wearing, eating, and in general almost everything they are featuring.

Collaborative promotions don’t look & feel like typical advertisements, they are more natural & relatable.


#6. Instagram Feed on Your Website

An Insta wall on your online store can help your customers to easily connect with you socially. Moreover, it adds up to the look of your storefront.

HELM Boots has done exactly the same!


Selling on Instagram can be intimidating at first but mind that it takes time. Of course, you’ll learn to get command over it!

Don’t Have An Online Store?

To start your online business, go for Shopify’s 14-days free trial period and put your imagination into reality.

Create an Online Store for free!

💡 Need Help?

Moreover, you can drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at the Webkul UV Desk.

Until next time. 👋

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