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Salon Marketplace Using Adobe Commerce Solution

Updated 24 May 2022

In this study, we will show you how you can create a Salon Marketplace using the Adobe Commerce Marketplace solution.

Along with the Marketplace service, their Add-ons, and with the help of some custom work. This case study will check the Salon Marketplace features and will show how to achieve them.

Nowadays time is considered the most valuable factor for both customers and Salon owners. The concept of brick and mortar Salons is obsolete with the rapid increase of Salon marketplace web technology.

Key Features of Salon Marketplace

1- Salon owners can register themselves on the Marketplace Admin website.

2- Vendors can list the products and services offered by them.

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3- Vendors can cater to their nearby customers and can also increase their presence globally.

4- Vendors can accept customers booking online.

5- Admin can charge the commission on a global or per vendor basis.

6- Customers can book their Salon slots, this will eliminate queue waiting time.

7- Customers can search the nearby Salon shops.

8- Customers can select the hairstyle from large varieties from the Salon marketplace.

Adobe Commerce Marketplace Solution

With the help of the Adobe Commerce Marketplace solution and its add-ons, we can develop the Salon Marketplace.

Adobe commerce marketplace solution allows the vendors (Salon owners) to register on the Salon marketplace.

Here vendors can perform various actions such as adding products, services offered, vendor profile page, invoices, shipping creation, etc.

Salon Marketplace Home Page

Fresha salon marketplace home page consists of different features like the Customers and vendors registration, top categories, sign-in option, banner slider, and customer ratings as shown in the below image.

However, the Adobe Commerce Marketplace solution also consists of a home page that consists of categories, sub-categories, banners, customers registration, vendors registration, login button as shown below.


Vendors Registration Process

In the Fresha salon marketplace vendors can register themselves by providing the following information such as first and last name, email address, mobile number, and accept terms and conditions as shown in the below image.


So it’s pretty simple for vendors to register themselves on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. As vendors need to provide the following information as shown in the screenshot below. 


In case if Admin wants to take additional information from vendors at the time of registration then this feature can be achieved with the help of 2 Magento Marketplace Add-ons.

1- Magento 2 Custom Attribute Marketplace Add-on.

2- Magento 2 Multi-Steps Vendors Signup.

Auto Approval Option – Enable

In case if Vendor’s auto-approval option is enabled by the admin and if any vendor gets registered on the marketplace.

Then that vendor will be auto-approved on the marketplace and further can add products, and services offered. As shown in the below image.


Auto Approval Option – Disabled

If the Auto approval option is disabled by Admin in that case if any vendors get registered on the marketplace. Then Admi will manually approve those vendors and vendors can perform various actions.

Vendor Profile Page  

Fresha marketplace vendor profile page consists of the following information such as vendor shop name, shop banner, about the vendor, location, etc as shown in the below screenshot.


However, adobe commerce vendor Profile Page consists of complete information of a particular vendor such as vendor store name, store location, products, supplier message button, etc as shown below.


Vendor Collection Page

The Fresha marketplace vendor collection page consists of products and services offered by vendors to their customers.

From the vendor collection page, customers can view the complete list of services offered by a particular vendor. As you can check the same from the below screenshot.


Similarly, the adobe commerce marketplace solution also consists of a vendor collection page that consists of a complete list of products and services offered by vendors.

As in the Salon, marketplace vendors can add different hairdressing styles, body massage, spa, and beauty products offerings to customers.

Add Products- By Vendors

In the Fresha Marketplace vendors can add/edit the various products and services which they want to offer to customers. So let’s check how products/services are added to the Fresha marketplace.

The product consists of various info such as product name, product SKU, prices, product brand, select category, etc as shown below.


Similarly in Webkul’s marketplace vendors can easily add products by navigating to the Add Products section under their account panel.


Within Webkul’s Adobe Commerce Marketplace, the vendors can easily fill in the required details of the product.

This includes choosing the attribute set, product category, product name, adding product configurations, and other related data to the product.

After entering the required details the vendor can save the product by tapping the Save button.


Also, if auto product approval has been set then that will allow the vendors to add the product without the approval of the marketplace admin.

The admin approval of products can be enabled wherein the admin needs to approve products before they become live on the store.


After adding the product in case approval is required an email is sent to the admin to approve the product first before they become live.


All products added by the vendor are visible under the My Product List section. Here, all products status is visible that showing approved and disapproved products.


After the admin has approved the product, the marketplace vendor will receive the email as shown below.

Webkul-Magento2-Marketplace-Vendors-Add-Products- Approval-Email

However, if Admin wants to allow vendors to create their products in multiple steps then this feature achieves with the help of the Magento 2 Multi-Steps Vendor Product creation service.

Vendors Reviews

In the Fresha marketplace, customers can provide their reviews and ratings on the bases of products and service offerings to their customers.

These reviews and ratings will be visible to customers on the vendor profile page. As you can check the same from the below screenshot.


However Webkul marketplace service also consists of a reviews and rating feature wherein customers can mark reviews regarding vendors and their products, these reviews are also visible to all customers.


Adobe Commerce Hyperlocal Marketplace

Fresha salon uses the hyperlocal marketplace system so that they can fulfill the demands of local customers. With the help of this hyperlocal marketplace system, customers can search the local store and can avail of the services as per their requirements.


Adobe Commerce Marketplace Hyperlocal System connects the customers with local stores and also transforms the shopping experience of the customers.

This module is very beneficial for both sellers and customers. Sellers can easily add their location and radius up to which they can sell out their products/services.


Customers can enter their location and check the available sellers in that location. As shown in the below screenshot.


Chat with Salon Owners

The salon marketplace allows the Salon owners to directly communicate with their customers and this feature is very useful for both Salon owners and customers.

After tapping on the respective button a chat window opens up.

Here, the customer can directly chat with the respective Salon owner and will get a response from them as well.


However, this buyer-seller communication feature is fulfilled with the help of 2 Adobe commerce solutions.

1- Adobe Commerce Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat

2- Adobe Commerce Marketplace Seller Buyer Communication

These Adobe Commerce solutions allow the vendors to directly communicate with store owners as a result if any customer has a query then that customer can directly communicate with the vendor.


 Push Notifications- Salon Owners

Adobe Commerce Push Notification Marketplace add-on allows the admin and its Salon owners to send push notification messages to their customers. 

The biggest advantage of using push notification is its ability to deliver offers and discounts immediately to the customers.


Social Login

With the rapid increase of social networking sites, these social sites are very popular in the market. So the need for Adobe Commerce social login arises.

The customers can now log in to the Adobe Commerce store using their existing social networking credentials from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The customers won’t have to create a new account or sign up to the store to buy products, they can directly log in with their social networking credentials. 


Payment Methods

Fresha salon’s marketplace accepts various types of cards such as Visa cards, Master Card, Discover Card, and American Express Card in order to receive payments as shown in the below image.


However, Webkul has developed the various adobe commerce marketplace payment modules with the help of these modules both admin and vendors will receive the online payments. You can check the complete list of payment methods modules.


Marketplace Mobile App

As most of the salon marketplace uses the mobile application so that they can connect with large prospect customers and with the rapid increase in native app technology the demand for native mobile apps increases.

Similarly, Fresha salon marketplace has adopted the native mobile application as shown below.


So accordingly Webkul has already developed the Adobe Commerce native Multivendor mobile app.

With the help of this multi-vendor mobile app, vendors can upload their products, manage orders, manage stocks, create invoices, create shipping labels, etc.


By following the above steps we can develop the salon marketplace with the help of the Adobe commerce marketplace module, its add-on, and some custom work.

Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. You can also check our Magento 2 Extensions for additional features.

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