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Mastering Innovation: Highlights From Salesforce Developer Days 2023

Updated 28 September 2023


Welcome to the future of innovation- Salesforce Developer Days 2023!!

This left us buzzing with excitement and bursting with inspiration. As we dive into this blog post, get ready to embark on a journey filled with groundbreaking ideas, mind-blowing technological advancements, and invaluable insights from industry experts.

Whether you’re an aspiring developer or a seasoned pro, join us as we uncover the highlights and key takeaways from this extraordinary event that was shaping the way we master innovation. Fasten your seatbelts because it’s time to explore the limitless possibilities of tomorrow’s tech today!


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest industry events and advancements is crucial for professionals looking to thrive in their careers. As the world continues to become more interconnected, it has never been more important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging technologies.

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One event that has garnered significant attention in recent years is Salesforce Developer Days. This annual event brings together developers, administrators, architects, and executives from around the globe to discuss, learn, and innovate within the Salesforce ecosystem. With its emphasis on innovation and collaboration, this event has become a must-attend for anyone working with or interested in Salesforce technology.

This year’s event Salesforce Dev Days India took place at different places. Webkul’s Salesforce Developer team has also attended the event at “Rajasthan International Center, Jaipur” on Sep 2, 2023 (Saturday). Dev days is a festival of learning where the team learns many new upcoming updates and innovations. Overall, hands-on work is an invaluable experience for our developers. They were looking to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest developments in the Salesforce world. It allows them to dive deep into different aspects of the platform, learn from experts, collaborate with peers, and gain practical experience.

Importance of Staying Up-to-Date

Staying current with industry events is essential for professionals looking to remain competitive in their field. Attending conferences and workshops allows individuals to gain new insights into emerging trends, tools, and techniques that can help them stay ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, staying informed about industry events also provides an excellent opportunity for networking. Meeting fellow professionals and exchanging ideas can lead to valuable connections and potential career opportunities.

For those working specifically within the Salesforce ecosystem, staying up-to-date with events like Salesforce Developer Days is even more critical. With constant updates being made to the platform by Salesforce themselves as well as third-party developers, staying informed helps ensure that businesses are utilizing all available resources effectively.

What is Salesforce Developer Days India?

It stands as an esteemed gathering tailored for participants within the Salesforce ecosystem, encompassing developers, administrators, architects, and various professionals. Its primary objective is to bring together industry authorities, forward-thinkers, and dedicated proponents of Salesforce, creating a conducive atmosphere for sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and delving into the latest advancements within the Salesforce platform.

Excitement Surrounding Salesforce Developer Days 2023

The excitement surrounding Salesforce Developer Days 2023 is palpable as professionals eagerly anticipate what the event has in store. With each passing year, this gathering of industry experts and enthusiasts only grows in size and scope.

Attendees can expect to hear from top executives at Salesforce, who will share their insights into the future of the company and the technology. There will also be a variety of workshops and sessions covering a wide range of topics, including cutting-edge developments, best practices, and success stories from those who have implemented Salesforce solutions.

One of the most significant draws of this event is its emphasis on collaboration. Also, attendees will have ample opportunity to network with peers, share ideas and experiences, and potentially form partnerships that can drive innovation within their organizations.

Keynote Speakers: Highlight some of the top speakers at the event

The Salesforce Developer Days event brings together some of the most innovative and influential individuals in the tech industry. These keynote speakers have shared their knowledge, insights, and experiences with attendees to inspire and educate us on how to master innovation in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

The list of incredible speakers is as follows


How It Went?

The event started with Breakfast followed by sessions and workshops. Then lunch was served and after that, everyone joined for some interactive learning sessions. All the sessions in the event took place in 4 different rooms:

  1. Aravali Room 
  2. Nilgiri Room
  3. Satpura Room
  4. Vindhya Room

They have formed 4 groups of attendees based on the Salesforce Mascots (Codey, Ginie, Astro, and Flo) and played games after each session. Every team has to participate in questions/answers and for correct answers they get points. 

There were points for every activity such as attendance, attending sessions, quiz participation, and networking.

All the points were calculated at the end and 2 qualified teams were selected for the finale. They also announced the runner-up team.


Furthermore, from the top 2 qualified teams, they invited the top 10 members of each team and played a few games to choose one winner. In the end, the Codey Team won the competition.

As you know Webkul’s Salesforce Developer Team also attended the event and a few of our team members were selected in the top 10 members for the final competition. They were on the winning team as well.

After the Grand finale of the Salesforce dev days, there was a live band.

There are many sessions & workshops that take place with interactive learning and code wars. Some of them are listed below

  1. Revolutionizing Financial Services with Salesforce Financial Cloud
  2. Einstein GPT for Admins and Developers
  3. Cross-Cloud Retail Recommendations Powered by Data Cloud
  4. Unlock LWC Customizability with Custom Property Editors and Types
  5. Optimizing Salesforce Code: Best Practices and Tools
  6. Connect and Automate Data Across any System with Zero Code within 20 Min
  7. Well-Architected Workshop
  8. Backbone of Driver 360 – Salesforce Automotive Cloud
  9. Implementing Self-Service Portals with Experience Cloud
  10. Experience Cloud LWR 101: Let’s Learn The Basics
  11. Accessibility in Agile Development
  12. Secrets to Creating Captivating Customer Magic
  13. Accelerating Innovation: Unleashing the Potential of Salesforce DevOps Center
  14. From Insight to Impact: The Journey of a Salesforce Business Analyst
  15. Code wars 
  16. Escape rooms.


In conclusion, staying informed about industry events is crucial for professionals looking to excel in their careers. Events like Salesforce Developer Days provide an excellent platform for individuals to learn about emerging trends and technologies while also networking with like-minded individuals.

In addition, Salesforce Dev Days 2023 was the highlight for all the individuals who work in the Salesforce ecosystem. From exciting keynote speeches to valuable workshops and networking opportunities, attendees got an informative and engaging experience that helped them stay ahead in their careers.

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