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    Salesforce Cab Management System

    Updated 12 September 2019

    Salesforce Cab Management System helps to undertake automate streamlining of cabs for the routes generated by admin. The system includes driver management, drop point management, vehicle management and booking system. This application can be used for administering the internal office cabs.


    • Compatible with Salesforce Lightning.
    • User has the option to link the driver with the specific vehicle.
    • A separate tab for listing of drivers and assigning routes to them. It allows to manage the assigned cabs dispatched for particular route.
    • User has the option to reserve cab. A calendar view is being displayed to book slot based on time, day and date on basis of route. A history of booking is maintained at admin end.
    • User can see all the cab booking details at fleet allotment section.

    Lightning Configuration

    To use the application at Lightning end, it is required to register the domain first. Kindly go through the article: How to register your Domain in Salesforce.Once you get registered with your Domain, please make sure that custom tabs related to Cab Management System should be default on.

    Follow the steps to verify or update it : From Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | Select Profile and click Edit to verify as mentioned in screenshot below.

    Go to “profiles”, click “System administrator” as shown below.
    Click on “edit” button as shown below.
    Set the fields of Custom tab settings to “default on”.
    Switch to lightning experience by clicking the option provided to manage the application
    To create a new route Timings by click on “New” as shown below.

    Click “New” to create new locations.

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    Click to add route

    Add the Starting Point and End Point off the route.

    Click on “New” to add the Drivers Information.

    After adding the vehicles you would able to link the vehicles to the drivers.

    Select the icon and then link the vehicle to the driver.

    Select the route and link the route to location,

    Once the route was linked to the specific location ,after that user would able to book the cab.

    Click on “New” to create booking.

    Booking details are

    Once the booking was completed , user would able to alot the fleet and get all the booking information at the interface.

    Click on the icon to see the fleet information.

    Set the name of the vehicle.

    Enter the number of seats available in the vehicle.

    Enter the vehicle registration number and expiry date of license.

    View of Booking Management

    In the “booking” tab, user needs to fill the necessary fields which include route, drop point, booking date and time slot.

    You can visit the link below to install this Application from Appexchange


    Question: What are the benefits of purchasing the application along with Installation fees?

    Answer: Purchasing the application along with Installation fees, just brings you into a comfort zone where you just need to share required details to initiate the installation process. Our concerned team will effectively proceed with the installation process as soon we get complete details.

    Your trust and satisfaction is highly important to us so your data will be completely secured.

    Question: What are the conditions to pay Installation fees?

    Answer: If you are stuck and having trouble while proceeding with configuration of the application then you need to pay Installation fees along with required details to install and setup the application properly.
    However, in case, you have purchased the application without installation fees and you have installed and setup things on your own successfully with the help of video tutorial and help links already available, then you don’t need to pay the installation fees.


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