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    Sales Suffering? Evaluate Potential Causes & Improve Your Shopify Store

    10 Strategies to Improve Your Shopify Store

    Sometimes, even if you get the right traffic on your website, the result is Zero Sales! 🙁
    It’s high time to figure out exactly what stops the visitors from converting into customers.

    From the color of your store theme to the checkout process, anything in between this journey can stop potential customers from making a purchase. Ultimately, it affects the sales performance of your online store.

    “Practice is just as valuable as a sale. The sale will make you a living; the skill will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

    In this article, we are discussing 10 points that need to be taken care of while running an eCommerce store. Here, I am discussing with respect to Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform for online stores.

    There are lots of factors that matter in making customer’s mind to make the purchase. Being a merchant, you just need to evaluate the potential causes that lead to zero sales & work to improve your Shopify store.

    Online Sales
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    Let’s diagnose the 10 important factors that will help to improve a Shopify store and boost your sales:-

    Use Value-oriented Headline on Your Homepage

    The headline gives an idea to the visitors what the website is all about, ultimately expresses your brand voice. Also, in order to achieve a high conversion rate, you must use the catchy headlines on the homepage of your website.

    A headline is the first thing visitors notice & decide in seconds whether to stay on the page or to move on. Moreover, you can make the best use of visuals on the home page to enhance the look & feel of your website.

    Shopify Themes plays a major role in creating a captivating website with perfect layouts.

    Take a look at some of the Shopify websites showing the eye-catching headlines & captivating visuals: twelve Saturdays, Kylie Cosmetics, the modern shop

    Headlines to improve your Shopify store

    Make the proper use of Announcement Bar

    If you want to display a secondary promotional message on your website then, you can make the best use of the announcement bar at the very top of your homepage in contrast with the banner.

    You can add an announcement to the top:

    • In case you want to offer Free Shipping after a certain amount.
    • If you are offering any discount code above a specific order amount.
    • You are going to launch any new feature in your store to benefit customers.
      or anything else.

    Header & Footer menus matter a lot

    Navigation menus play a major role to categorize things on your website. Referring to the header menus, the visitors will get redirected to the collection page, product page … to the checkout page, end up making a purchase.

    You can also add other links to the menus & make the visitors redirect to some pages that they might be interested to look into. Some of them are FAQ, New Arrivals, Gift Items, Deals, Blogs, etc.

    Some of the popular Shopify websites added header navigation menus to their websites in a smart way: Luxy Hair, Uppercase Magazine, the modern shop.


    Now, if a visitor doesn’t find exactly what he is looking then, he/she will certainly be scrolling down to the bottom in search of some more info. Then comes the role of footer navigation menus. The visitor may get more information from the footer menus & find a reason to make a purchase from your store.

    A New Zealand-American footwear company, allbirds designed the footer navigation menus in an organized manner on their Shopify store. Have a look:

    footer menu

    That’s how header & footer navigation menus can improve your Shopify store & change the look & feel of your website.

    Watch the Visitor’s Recorded Sessions

    It’s important for a merchant to keep tracking the sales & ongoing progress of his/her store. Now, if your sale is getting affected, you need to check if the visitors are struggling to understand your brand.

    Better find how visitors are clicking, scrolling & what they are searching on your website. This can be achieved using Hotjar.

    You can watch the recorded session of your website & find out where the visitor is clicking & dropping off. Thus, you will have an estimated idea of what the visitors are looking for and where your website is lacking in providing relevant info to the visitors.

    Check the Conversion Rate from Product Page to Checkout

    If you are losing customers at the final stage of their purchasing journey then, it’s crucial to check what factors are stopping customers. Is it the payment methods you set up on your store, is it the shipping cost, or anything else?

    Mark the points:-

    • Make sure to set up at least 2-3 payment methods for customers. Example:- PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, COD.
    • Offer discount benefits on the new arrivals.
    • Make sure to set a moderate shipping cost in your store.
    • Offer a referral bonus to the customers.
    • Reexamine the cost of each item that you sell on your website.

    Achieve a High Conversion for Your Booking Website

    Percentage of Products added to Cart

    Get insight into the performance of your store and the behavior of your customers with the help of Stats!

    Shopify allows the merchants to check their online store conversion over time. Visiting the Analytics section, you can check the valuable activities of your Shopify store including total sales, store sessions, returning customer rate, online store conversion rate, average order value & much more.

    improve your Shopify store

    Checking Online store conversion rate, you can identify:-

    • Added to Cart:- Total number & percentage of sessions in which customers added one or more products to their shopping carts.
    • Reached Checkout:- Here, you can check the number & percentage of sessions in which customers added products to cart, entered details, submitted contact information. That’s all.
    • Sessions Converted:– Total number & percentage of sessions in which customers added a product to their shopping carts, entered details, submitted contact info, proceeded to checkout & then purchased the product.

    Do you have Abandoned Carts in your store?

    If a visitor comes to your website, add products to the shopping cart, enter the info but leave without completing the purchase then, you can say you have Abandoned carts. And this is one of the major reasons that affect the sales performance of your website.

    In case you find the sales suffering, check if you have abandoned carts in your store. Shopify provides you a separate section that lists all the Abandoned Checkout of your store.

    improve your Shopify store

    In order to reduce the abundant cart, you need to follow certain strategies listed below:-

    • Send Abandoned Cart Emails:- Abandoned cart emails are the followups that you send to the customers who leave your website just by adding items to cart instead for completing the purchase.
    • Send discount codes in the abandoned cart emails sent to the customers to entice them to shop from your website.
    • Enable dynamic checkout on your store to let customers complete the purchase in a jiffy.
    • Build an abandoned email sequence and increase the likelihood of getting customers coming back to complete the purchase on your store.

    Set up Google Analytics & track the ongoing progress

    Other than Shopify Analytics, you can also use Google Analytics to track your visitors & generate reports. This will provide you a clear vision to evaluate where your store conversion rate is struggling.

    Note:- To set up Google Analytics on your Shopify store, you need to have an account on Google.

    Mark:- To avoid the data inaccuracy, make sure that you don’t have the Google Analytics previously enabled in your store.

    • If not enabled, proceed to get a Google Account.
    • Enable Google Analytics from Online Store>>Preferences menu of your Shopify store.
    • Turn ON eCommerce tracking, basic or advanced.

    Know the Complete Set Up in Detail

    Invite Customers & make them feel secure

    “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” -Mark Hunter

    It’s no cakewalk to build customer trust if you have zero sales. So, even if you have no sales, you need to implement a few options on your website that might be helpful for the visitors to make their mind & try your brand:-

    • Tell Your Business Stories & share with customers.
    • Provide the Live Chat Option for Customers.
    • Let customers Ask Questions about the product.
    • Present Your brand on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

    Almost every single website including this Bicycle company, Brilliant uses the Social Media buttons at the footer of their Shopify store.

    improve your Shopify store
    Instagram profile

    Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

    Check if your website looks good on mobile devices or not! If not, you may end up losing sales in no time.
    Mobile devices account for almost half of the Internet traffic worldwide. Without any doubt, this will raise enormously in the coming years. So, better make your Shopify websites perfect fit both for Android & iOS devices.

    Have a Native Mobile App for Shopify

    Wrapping Up

    Mark these 10 important points to improve your Shopify store and keep up the sales rolling. Thus, have a better reach to your target audience.

    In case of any suggestions/queries, feel free to write us in the comment section below or simply Raise a Ticket.

    Don’t have a Shopify Store? Create One!

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