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Role Of Barcode In Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS)

Updated 16 February 2024

Introduction- Barcode In Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS)

Barcode In Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS)  will give a complete solution to efficiently manage the Physical store. It helps in the processing of the checkout process to accelerate.

So, let us first know what exactly the barcode is which helps the sales agent.

What is a Barcode?

The Barcode is an optically-readable representation of data, that uses Barcode scanner.  The barcodes are the set of linear lines with variable size. They are unique to the product or bundle of product.

Barcode Scanner is an external device(hardware) attached to the POS machine. Magento 2 POS is meant to work on a browser running on the desktop/laptop/any such similar device.

Importance Of Barcode

The barcode scanner and barcode number can work with the POS to allow the sales agent to manage the Physical store in many ways-

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  • Inventory management- Barcode reader can track the stock of goods in an inventory. That was otherwise a very tedious task. It scans the article id to add them to the cart which will then automatically reduce the inventory of the product.
  • Accuracy- The barcode scanning machine can remove the human error which could occur if we add data of product manually.
  • Unique identification- An easy identification of the product, from other products in the store. Thus avoiding a mixture of similar sort of products.
  • A quick addition of the product to cart- The sales agent quickly add the product to the cart via the barcode scanner. It saves the time of the search of the product.
  • Data of products can be retrieved quickly- The data of product can be retrieved from the POS system that is running on a machine instantly. This ensures that the time is not wasted on data entry or retrieval.

Facilities Of Barcode Reader In Magento 2

The POS is a place where the sales process ends and it requires a very efficient management.  The Barcode reader in Magento 2 POS can be useful to make the POS efficient.

  • Responsiveness-The sale agent can scan the barcode of the product which will automatically add the product to the cart. This will allow the checkout process to be fast.

This process will be accurate than the addition of the product to via manual or other processes. The barcode in Magento2 is related to the products via SKU.

SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) links the product with the barcode on a Magento 2 store.

  • Time-Saving- The checkout via barcode can save the time of the sales agent. In the case of bulk products, the sales agent can quickly look for the desired product.

How To Use Barcode In Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS)?

The Admin can see the barcode of a product on the Catalog page. The Admin can click on Print Barcode Slip to get the barcode of the product.barcode

After this, the barcode can be added to the product.

The sales agent can select the option of Barcode/SKU to add the product to the cart at the time of checkout.


Thus, the sale agent can now quickly add the product to cart with an ease without the trouble slow management.

However, in case of any query or questions regarding Point of Sale System for Magento 2 OR any Magento 2 Extensions, you can create a ticket at or contact us at to let us know your views to make the plugin better.

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