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    Price Drop Alert for Shopware 6

    Price Drop Alert for Shopware 6 allows the customers to receive email alerts whenever a product is available at a lower price. Any customer can subscribe or unsubscribe for receiving a price drop alert for any product. Both Logged in and guest customers will be able to subscribe to the price drop alert email.


    • Any user can subscribe or unsubscribe to receive price drop alerts.
    • Configure mail templates for price drop alert, subscription, and unsubscription.
    • The registered and the guest users can subscribe to an unlimited number of products.
    • The users receive mail notifications when they click subscribe.
    • The registered users can unsubscribe from the price drop alert from their respective accounts and mail also.
    • The admin can change the subscription status of a user.   


    Shopware provides two ways to upload the plugin to the server.

    1. Using Command
    2. Manual Installation

    Installation using commands

    Customers will get a zip folder, then they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.

    After extracting the WebkulPricedrop folder, the customer needs to transfer these custom > plugins on the server, as shown in the image below:


    After the successful installation, you have to run these commands in the Shopware root directory.

    Go to your Shopware installation Root directory then run this command to install then activate the plugin–

    ./bin/console plugin:install --activate WebkulPriceDropAlert 

    To installing the assets(CSS/JS)

    ./bin/console assets:install 

    To clear the cache run this command –

    ./bin/console c:c 

    Now refresh the administration.

    After that, visit administration Setting->System->Plugins, the Price Drop Alert For Shopware 6 plugin will be listed there.

    Manual Installation

    1) Extract the zip file of the plugin.

    2) After that goto your Shopware 6 installation backend panel after that navigate to Setting -> System -> Plugins after that you can find all the installed plugins in it.


    For installing the plugin, the user can click on the Upload Plugin button. The user can upload the plugin zip(WebkulPricedrop) here.

    3) After uploading the plugin zip, after that the user can see the plugin in the list.


    4) Now the user can click on the install icon to install the Price Drop Alert Shopware.

    5) After the installation of the plugin, the user can click to activate the plugin.


    While in the process the admin can see the success message ‘Plugin has been activated‘.

    After the installation process and plugin configuration if the  Price Drop Alert option is not visible then run this command to clear the cache:

    php bin/console cache:clear

    Price Drop Alert – Configuration

    After the successful installation of the module, the admin can configure this module under “Settings > System >Plugins >Price Drop Alert > Config” in the drop-down as shown below snapshot.


    Tapping on config button will bring you to the price drop alert configuration page. In that, the admin can set the required settings for price drop alert.

    • Sales Channel : In this admin need to select the sale channel.
    • Allow Guest Customer: Admin can set enable status to allow the guest customer to use the Price Alert feature otherwise set disable.

    Manage Mails Settings


    Here, the admin will set an alert mail template in three conditions.

    Price Drop

    This email template will be sent to the customers , when the price is dropped.


    Subscribed configuration

    The admin can select the email template for the customers, and it will be used when the customers will subscribe to the price drop alert.


    Unsubscribed configuration

    The admin can select the email template for the customers, when the customers will unsubscribe to the price drop alert.


    Click Save Config to apply changes.

    Price Alert Set on Product

    After that, the admin can enable/disable a price alert option for those products, which the admin wants as required.

    Admin needs to navigate through Settings-> Plugins->Price drop alert than a select product from the product list and double tab on the product.


    Then admin will click on the check box to enable the price drop alert option.


    Customer’s Workflow – Store Frontend

    Registered users 

    On the front-end at the product detail page, the users will see the Subscribe Price Drop Alert option under the add to cart button. 


    Guest users

    Guest users can also subscribe to price drop alerts without even logging into the store. They just need to enter their email address and name. Then click the submit button.


    After that the user will see the notification “You have subscribed successfully price drop alert for this product!”.


    Subscribed Product List

    The customers can also view the complete list of the products they have subscribed to. For this, they will navigate to the “Subscribed Product List” menu option in their account.


    Here, the customer can unsubscribe from the products by clicking on the Unsubscribe button as per the below image.


    Email Alert to Customers

    Price Drop Alert Email

    When the price of the product is dropped, the users will receive the following email in their inbox.


    Subscription Email

    Once a user clicks the subscribe button, the user will receive the following email to confirm the price drop alert subscription.


    Price Drop Alert Unsubscription Email

    If a subscribed user does not want to receive the price drop alert emails, the user can click the Unsubscribe button.

    After that when a customer will unsubscribe to a product Price drop alert, the customer will receive the following email in the inbox.



    This was all about the Price Drop Alert for Shopware 6. I hope you must have the got the idea of our module. Thanks for taking the time in reading this blog. Also, please doesn’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions under the comment box given below.
    Moreover, If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to add a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

    Please explore our shopware development services and Quality shopware extensions.

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0.

    Supported Framework Version - Shopware

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