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    Prestashop WorldPay Payment Gateway

    Prestashop WorldPay Payment Gateway: Worldpay is a very popular payment service provider. With the help of Prestashop WorldPay Payment Gateway, admin can provide an incredible payment method to the customers. Buyers can pay for their orders through this payment gateway. Admin can refund the amount fully or partially to the buyers in case the buyer asks for a refund.


    • A new payment method is available to the buyers while placing an order.
    • Admin can use this module for test mode as well as live mode as per the requirement.
    • Admin has to provide the API keys as per the mode selected.
    • Admin can view the list of orders whose payment is made through Worldpay in a new tab “Worldpay Transactions”
    • Admin has an option to refund the order amount to the customers.
    • Admin can select the refund type – full or partial.
    • Admin can make the refund with an amount which is less than or equal to the total amount paid by buyer for any order.
    • Admin can view the refund information in the Worldpay transaction Tab.
    • Customer will be redirected to the Worldpay 3DS page to authenticate the cardholder and complete payment.


    1. Go to Back office > Modules and Services > Upload a Module
    2. Drop or select your module zip file
    3. The module would be automatically installed


    1. It works on the Global API and not on secured API.
    2. It does not allow hosted checkout.
    3. Module works when Worldpay credentials are created from here –


    After successful installation, admin needs to configure the module.

    Admin will provide the Service key and Client key as per the Payment mode selected.

    how to get API keys

    To get the API keys, admin needs to have their account on WorldPay
    Admin needs to select the mode for which the API keys are needed.

    Click on Setting to go to API Keys. These API keys have to be provided in the configuration of the module.


    Once the module is configured properly, buyers can view the WorldPay payment gateway to make the payment for their orders.

    Once the customers fill in their card details and pay with worldpay, they would be redirected to the Worldpay 3DS page.

    Once the cardholder is authenticated and request is submitted the order will be processed and customers would be redirected back to the order confirmation page on the store.

    A new tab is added at back-end from where admin can view the list of orders whose payment is done via WorldPay Payment Gateway.

    After clicking on «Worldpay Transactions», Admin can view the list of all those orders whose payment has been made via Worldpay Payment Gateway.

    On clicking the Refund tab, Admin gets an option to select the type of refund.

    Admin has two options to make the refund to the buyer :

    • Full Refund
    • Partial Refund

    If Admin has selected Partial Refund, in this case admin gets an option to enter the amount to be refunded to the buyer which has to be less than or equal to the total order amount.

    Suppose the order amount for a buyer is $110 and admin makes a refund of $50, admin will see the details like shown in the screenshot below.

    Admin can see all transaction details in the Worldpay account also.

    By clicking on the View button on Worldpay Dashboard, Admin can view the Order Details.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.1

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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