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PrestaShop WePay Payment Gateway {User Guide}

Updated 22 December 2023

PrestaShop WePay Payment Gateway module offers shop owners to provide a WePay payment gateway to customers for making the payment.

Wepay is a very popular payment service provider in the United States providing end to end & customizable payment solutions.

Using this module, shop owners can easily collect payment from the customers via the WePay payment gateway.

The module also offers shop owners to provide subscription products to customers along with the functionality of the recurring payment.

The module also offers shop owners to manage refunds from the module itself. A shop owner can choose to refund the order amount fully as well partially.

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Note: Wepay supports only the US dollar. Any transaction through the WePay payment method can be done in USD only.

PrestaShop WePay Payment Gateway module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x

Features of the PrestaShop WePay Payment Gateway module

  • The module is multi-shop compatible.
  • A new payment method becomes available for the buyers.
  • WePay payment method is available in the United States only.
  • Use this module either in the test mode or live mode.
  • Choose whether the payer or payee will pay the WePay transaction fees.
  • An admin can refund either the full or partial amount to the buyer.
  • Specify any amount within the total amount paid by the buyer for a partial refund.
  • Create various WePay subscription plans.
  • Specify the amount & the duration of the subscription plan.
  • Choose to edit/delete the subscription plan.
  • Admin can assign WePay subscription plans to single/multiple products from the “Assign Subscription page”.
  • Also, update/delete the assigned plan from the product.
  • Admin can view the list of all the subscribed customers.
  • Admin can also cancel the subscription of any customer.
  • A buyer can also see the details of the subscription on the order confirmation page.
  • Buyers can view the subscription details on the product page.
  • A list of all the purchased subscription products is available under the ‘My Account” section of the buyer.
  • Buyers can cancel subscriptions upon need.
  • WePay supports only US dollars.
  • A customer can also choose to cancel his multiple product subscriptions in one go.
  • Subscription is only possible through the WePay payment gateway.
  • The amount displayed in the cart is only the product amount. The subscription amount will automatically deduct while paying through the WePay.
  • The detail of full payment (product + subscription) made by “WePay payment gateway” will display on the order confirmation page.


For a recurring payment, an admin has to set the CRON job for every day. Set following URL to CRON tab.

Url- 0 0 * * * curl “”;

You have to replace the string “” with your site link.

How to install the PrestaShop WePay Payment Gateway module

  • Firstly, go to the module manager in back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.
Click to upload Prestashop WePay Payment Gateway module
Drop or select Prestashop WePay Payment Gateway file
Prestashop WePay Payment Gateway module installed on prestashop

How to configure the PrestaShop WePay Payment Gateway module

After the successful installation of the module, you(i.e., admin) need to configure the module.

In order to configure the module, you will need the API keys. The process to get the API keys is available in the next section.


How to get the API Keys

To get the API keys, you must have an account on WePay.

After signing in, select the mode for which you need the API keys.

Select the mode for creating API keys
Create an account

On creating the account successfully, you need to create an application and then only the API keys will be generated.

API key generated

Admin End

After the successful installation, new tabs add to the dashboard to manage transactions/subscriptions etc.


WePay Transactions

Under this tab, you can view the list of all the transactions made via the WePay payment gateway.


Create Subscription Plan

To manage the recurring payment, you must create subscription plans.

To do so, firstly go to WePay Payment Gateway & then Create Subscription Plan.

Click on the “Create Plan” button to proceed to create WePay Subscription Plans.

You need to specify the plan name, description, amount and frequency of payment to create a new plan.


You can view a list of all the subscription plans under Create Subscription Plan tab.


Assign Subscription Plans

After creating the plans, you need to assign WePay subscription plans to products.

So that, the products can become subscription products. Also, a customer will need to make a payment through WePay payment to subscribe to the product.

You can choose to assign single or multiple products to any of the subscription plans.


You can also see a list of products on which WePay subscription plans are assigned.


Also, choose to assign a subscription plan to products from the edit product page.


Purchased Subscription Plan

View the list of all the customers who have purchased the product with subscription plans.


Standard Workflow

After configuring the module successfully, a customer can view the WePay payment gateway to make the payment on the store.


When a customer selects to pay via WePay, he will go through the WePay checkout process.


After placing the order successfully, the detail of the WePay payment is available on the admin order details page too.

WePay Payment details on the order of the standard product


WePay Payment Fees

A new product i.e., WePay Payment Fee is added to the catalog to manage the WePay transaction fee.

Please don’t delete this product as it will hamper the management of WePay extra fees that we are managing through this product in this module.


Recurring Workflow

In case, if any subscription plan is available on the product, then a customer gets to subscribe to the product by making the payment via WePay.

The details of the subscription are available on the product page.


To make the payment for a subscription product, a customer needs to pay via WePay payment method.


A customer will follow the same WePay checkout process as it was in the case of standard flow.

Note: The amount that displays on the popup is only the product amount. The subscription amount will automatically deduct while paying through the WePay gateway.

The details of payment made via the “WePay payment gateway” will also be available on the order confirmation page.


After a customer places the order, an admin can also view the detail of WePay payment on the admin order detail page.

Additionally, the details of the subscription are also available on the product page.


So, this was the process to make the recurring payment.

Purchased Customer Subscription

Under this tab, you can view a list of all the customers & the details of their subscriptions.


WePay Refund

You can also manage refunds from the transactions tab available at the backend.


Also, you can choose to refund either full or partial product amount to the buyer.





So, this was the way through which you can manage refund functionality for WePay payment.

Customer End

At the customer’s end, a new tab becomes available on the dashboard to view the list of all the subscriptions.


Here, view a list of all the WePay subscriptions purchased. Additionally, a customer can also choose to cancel the subscription.


So, this was all about the PrestaShop WePay Payment Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way.

Also, do let us know about your views in the comments.


For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our PrestaShop development services & vast range of featureful PrestaShop Addons.

Current Product Version - 5.0.2

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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