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    Prestashop Shop The Look | Lookbook

    Cross-selling is one of the most effective tools to increase profits in the eCommerce industry. It helps customers discover additional products they might need and provides a positive shopping experience.

    With Prestashop Shop The Look, you can create custom looks from the products you sell and showcase them on a single page. Customers now don’t have to visit the individual product pages to view and add the complementary products to the cart. Displaying the combinations in a single image lets customers visualize how the products look and make their purchase decision faster.

    Letting customers purchase multiple products from a single page will increase your average order value, enhance user experience, and boost conversions.

    Check the overview of the plugin in the video mentioned-below –

    Features of Prestashop Shop The Look

    • Create collections by adding multiple looks and display them on the Lookbook page.
    • Choose to show the listing of collections at homepage.
    • Set the position of looks to be displayed on the collection page.
    • Add multiple products in a look and also set the position of products to be displayed in a look on the collection page.
    • Create multiple hotspots on the look image and select products to be displayed on hotspots.
    • Enable/disable, preview, or edit/delete the collection.
    • Six type of views in the module for displaying collections on the Lookbook page.
    • A separate tab Lookbook under which customers can view all the collections added by admin.
    • Customers can view all the looks added by admin in a collection.
    • View products added in a look by hovering on the look image.
    • Customers can purchase either complete look or individual products from the look.
    • The module is multi shop compatible.


    1. Go to back office ->modules.
    2. Upload the module zip file.
    3. The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop.
    shop the look installation
    shop the look installation
    shop the look installation

    Configuration: Shop The Look

    After the installation of module, a new tab “Shop The Look” gets added under Catalog where admin can configure the module settings.

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    While configuring the module settings, admin needs to upload banner image and its text to be displayed on Lookbook collection page. Also, admin can select the view in which he wants to display the collections on Lookbook page.

    Type of View


    Admin can select the view in which he wants to display the collections on the Lookbook page. There are six view types available in the module:

    1. Carousel Grid View
    2. Masonry view
    3. List View
    4. Grid View
    5. Collage View
    6. Carousel View

    Adding The Collections


    Let’s now see how admin created “Fashion” (a collection).
    While creating a collection, admin has to set

    • Set its name and description
    • Upload banner image of collection
    • Set banner text

    For creating a look, admin has to upload the image, add related products, and then set the hotspot of the products in an image.


    After setting the look name and image, admin has to add the products in a look. When admin clicks on “ADD NEW PRODUCT” button, a popup appears on screen from where he can search the products and add them in a look.


    After selecting the products and their combination, click on “Save” button to add the products in a look.

    After adding products in a look, admin can set hotspot of the products in an image as shown below:


    For adding a hotspot, admin has to double click on the image and then select the product which he wants to display on that hotspot. Also, admin can remove the hotspot by clicking on it.

    Similarly, admin can add multiple looks in a collection.


    Once the collection is created, admin can enable/disable it, preview collection, edit and delete it.


    Shop The Look – Front End View

    After the installation of the module, a new tab “LOOKBOOK” gets added on the front end from where customers can view all the collections added by admin. Also, customers can view collections added by admin from backend in a carousel view.



    When a customer clicks on a collection, he can view all the looks added by admin in a collection. Moreover, the related products are also shown on the collection page.

    The customer can even buy a single product from the look separately.


    When a customer hovers on the image he can view the products set by admin on the hotspots as shown below:


    Type of View of Collections on Lookbook page

    • List View
    • Grid View
    • Carousel View
    • Masonry View
    • Carousel Grid View

    That’s all for the Prestashop Shop The Look Extension.


    For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

    Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

    Current Product Version - 4.0.2

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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