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    Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page

    Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page facilitates the store owner to display the number of products sold on the product details page.

    Before making the purchase, a customer wants to know about the product’s popularity and how many customers have bought it. Showcasing the number of products sold helps the store owner gain customers’ trust and encourages them to complete the purchase.

    Also, the store owner can show the increased number of product sales that create a curiosity among the customers and they end up making the purchase. Displaying the sales count of products influences the purchase decision of customers and increases sales conversion on the store.

    Features of Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page

    • Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page is multi shop compatible.
    • Choose to show the actual number of products sold or custom number of products sold.
    • Select whether real sales count to display will increase on order confirmation or validated order.
    • Option to display sales information on the catalog page or not.
    • Customize the product sales count block by setting its background and foreground color.
    • Choose to display product sales count in a particular time duration.


    1. Go to back office ->modules.
    2. Upload the module zip file.
    3. The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop.


    After the installation of the module, a new tab “Product Sales Information” gets added under Catalog from where admin can configure module settings.

    Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page configuration is basically divided into three parts:

    • Configuration
    • Timelines
    • Product Sales Bulk Action


    Under “Timelines”, admin can set:

    • Duration for which he wants to display the product sales count and
    • Product sales info title with which number of products sold will diplay at the front end.

    Suppose admin has set the title as “Units sold in last 24 hours”. After applying this timeline to a product, number of products sold lets say 25 will be added in prefix of the title. Now, at the front end “25 units sold in last 24 hours” will display in the product sales info block.

    Also, admin can set the title in multi language.

    Application of Timeline to a Product

    Admin can apply timeline to a product so that it’s sales information will display at front end under Modules tab of product page as shown below:

    Sales Type

    If selected “Real Sales”, then actual number of products sold will display in product sale information block. Admin can also set the custom number of products sold to be displayed at front end.

    Front End View


    Under configuration, admin can:

    • Set whether real sales quantity will display on the basis of order confirmation or order considered as validated. If selected order confirmation, then sales count will increase upon order confirmation. If selected order considered as validated, then sales count will increase once admin validates the order.
    • Choose to display sales information on catalog page or not.
    • Choose to apply a default timeline for the remaining products.
    • Configure the look and feel settings of sales count block.

    Apply default timeline for remaining products

    If enabled, then admin can apply the default timeline on all those products on which no particular timeline has been selected.

    When admin clicks on “ADD NEW” button, a popup appears on screen from where he can add a new timeline for the remaining products.

    Product Sales Bulk Action

    Under “Product Sales Bulk Action”, admin can apply timeline to the multiple products at a time. Admin can filter the products on the basis of categories, brands, and suppliers on which he wants to apply the timeline.

    Front End Workflow of Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page

    At front end, a user can view sales count of a product on home page, category page, and product page.

    Home Page

    A user can also view the product sales count on Quick View popup.

    Category Page

    Product Page

    That’s all about Prestashop Sales Count On Product Page.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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