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    Prestashop PayU Poland Payment Gateway

    Prestashop PayU Poland Payment Gateway will help you to add PayU Poland payment gateway to your eCommerce store. Customers can now pay via this payment gateway for their orders. The module also offers merchants to create subscription plans for the products of the store.

    Offering subscription plans to customers on certain products might prove beneficial for you in the long run. Some products from the category of home essentials, personal hygiene, edible products are needed on a regular basis. Hence, offering such products under a subscription plan will not only ease the process for your customers but will also help you increase sales.

    Note: This module can only be used by the native users of Poland.

    Features of the PayU Poland Payment Gateway module

    • An extra payment method for the customers.
    • Use the module in the ‘test’ as well as ‘live’ mode.
    • Create subscription plans for products of the store.
    • Set time interval for the payments of subscription plan as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.
    • Choose to delete all the plans after the uninstallation of the module.
    • Assign products to a subscription plan.
    • You can also assign some particular combinations of the product to the subscription plan.
    • Display all the subscription product under a separate tab at the front end of the shop.
    • Let your customers remove the subscription plan from the cart itself.
    • View details of subscription plan & subscribed products of each customer under a separate tab.
    • Log of all the PayU transaction is available at the back-end.

    How to install the PayU Poland Payment Gateway module

    1. Go to Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    2. Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    3. In this way, the module installation will be successful.

    How to get the PayU API keys

    To get the test API keys of the payment method, go to PayU website. You can also get the live API keys of the module from here. The process to obtain test API keys is explained herein below:

    Now, Log in to your account to proceed.

    After successfully logging into your account, click on “My Shops”.

    Under “My Shops”, you will find a list of all the shops created by you.

    Now, Go to ‘POS” section & click on the name of the shop to view API keys.

    Under the “POS” section, now you will see the API keys.

    In this way, you can successfully create the API keys for the sandbox mode.

    NOTE: To use the above API keys in the module, you must get your tokenization service enabled. Contact PayU to enable the tokenization service.

    Configure the PayU Payment module

    In the configuration settings of the module, enter the API keys to add the payment method to the store.

    You can use this module in ‘test’ as well as ‘live’ mode.

    On installing the module, new tabs are added on the dashboard under the “PayU Manager” section.

    Note: You need to configure the payment method for every currency of your store. As this payment method provides different API keys for every currency.

    Create PayU subscription plans

    To create a subscription plan, go to PayU plans & click on ‘create plan’.

    As the module also provides the functionality of recurring payments. So, you need to create subscription plans as per your need for the customers.

    Enter the relevant details of the plan & select the time interval of payments.

    View list of all the subscription plans under “PayU Plans”

    Assign products to a subscription plan

    After successfully creating the subscription plans, you need to assign the products to the plan. So that your customer can subscribe to those products according to the plan.

    To assign a product to the plan, go to the ‘Subscription Products’ tab.

    Now, select the plan & search the name of the product to assign the selected plan on it.

    After assigning the product to plans successfully, now you can view the list of all the plans & the number of products assigned under each plan. If you want, you can also delete these plans.

    Furthermore, you can also view the list of all the products available under each plan.

    To view the products under each plan, click on the ‘view’ button available against the list of plans.

    Under the list of each product, list of combinations available under particular subscription is also available. If you want, you can also choose to delete any particular combination of the product from the list.

    Front-end of the shop

    At the front-end of the shop, now you can view a new tab to see all the subscription products.

    After clicking on the tab, you will land on the page where you will see all the subscription products offered by admin.

    Product Page

    To subscribe to a product, select a plan & then add the product to the cart.

    Cart Page

    On the cart page, if you want then you can also simply buy this product without its subscription. To remove the subscription plan, click on the ‘remove button’ to remove the plan from the cart.

    Checkout Page

    Now on the checkout page, select payment method as “Pay by PayU” to proceed.

    Enter your card details to pay for the order.

    Order confirmation page

    After the successful payment for the order, the order will be confirmed. You can also view the name of the payment method used to pay for the order on the “Order confirmation page”.

    Customer’s Dashboard

    Customer can view all the subscription products under ‘My Subscription’ tab.

    Customer can view the list of all the subscription products bought by him. A customer can also choose to cancel the subscription of the product.

    Admin Order details page

    Details of the payment mode & the subscription plan are also available on the admin order details page.

    Transaction History

    You can also view the list of all the PayU transactions under the “Transactions” tab. The transaction tab consists of following information.

    • Transaction ID
    • Order reference
    • Customer
    • PayU Order ID
    • Transaction date

    List of customers

    Under customers, the list contains the name of all the customers who have used PayU payment method to pay for the order.

    The transaction list also contains the following additional details:

    • Subscribed plan of the customer
    • The time period of the subscribed plan
    • Name of the subscribed product
    • Name of the customer
    • Subscribed quantity
    • Status of the plan
    • Date of the subscription
    • The expiry date of the subscription

    You can also cancel the subscription plan chosen by the customer.

    This was all about the Prestashop PayU Poland Payment Gateway.

    To know more about other payment modules developed by webkul, check the list at


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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