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    Prestashop-OpenERP Stock Comparison

    By carefully observing the need of customers, we have introduced some maintenance modules for the customers using our Prestashop-OpenERP Bridge(POB).

    Our first  maintenance module in the series of Prestashop OpenERP Bridge(POB) Maintenance module is  “Prestashop-OpenERP Stock Comparison”. This module helps to maintain integrity in  stock between openERP and Prestashop’s products. This module provides you the current status of product’s stock on Prestashop and OpenERP.

    Main Features:

    • This module provides a comparison of product’s current stock on OpenERP and Prestashop, on a single click.
    • A default filter is applied to show only the products with stock mis-match.

    Working Process

    To find the mis-match between product’s stock you need to first install the “pob_stock_compare” module on openERP. On successful installation of this module will find a new menu named “Compare Stock” is available under “POB Mapping Tables” menu.

    Once you click on this menu, you will get

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    1. Current stock of all mapped products will be fetched in real time.

    2. Default filter “Stock Mis-match” which will show all products having a  mis-match in their stock between Openerp and Prestashop, highlighted with red color.

    Please refer to the screenshot for newly appended menu and working process –

    Prestashop-OpenERP Stock Comparison

    You can also see a comparison of stocks for all product`s between openERP and Prestashop by removing this default filter, as –

    Prestashop-OpenERP Stock Comparison


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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