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    Prestashop News Ticker Block

    Prestashop News Ticker Block : A news ticker is primarily a horizontal, text-based block to display your hottest content to your website visitors. Most tickers are displayed in the form of text moving across the screen.

    Prestashop News Ticker Block allows you to easily add your own custom text with links and display a variety of information to your users.


    • Add News Ticker Block on the homepage or all pages of the website.
    • Select whether to place ticker block at the top or bottom of the website.
    • Change the font size of the text to be display on the ticker block.
    • Set the movement speed of the text inside the ticker block.
    • Customize the ticker font and background colour.
    • Add a link to the news ticker block.
    • Set the movement direction of ticker text, left to right or right to left.
    • Choose whether to stop text on mouse hover or not.


    1. Go to Back office > Modules and Services > Upload a Module

    2.Drop or select your module zip file

    Module would be automatically installed.


    Once Prestashop News Ticker Block is installed successfully admin has to configure this module.

    Or go to Installed module, search for News Ticker Block and configure this module.

    Now admin has to configure the News Ticker Block settings as per requirement.

    Click save to successfully configure the module.


    Once the module has been configured, admin can add new ticker from back office.

    Go to News Ticker tab > Add new ticker

    Admin needs to fill in the details for the new ticker.

    After entering the details for the new ticker, click on save to create your News Ticker Block.


    Once News Ticker Block is created, admin can check the changes made at the front end.

    News Ticker Block when ticker position is set to top.

    News Ticker Block when ticker position is set to bottom.

    Admin can see the changes made to the color of ticker message and ticker block background. Also set the font size of the ticker.

    Movement of ticker message when set left to right.

    Movement of ticker message when set right to left. Also admin can check and set the movement speed of the ticker.

    So that’s how you can add a News Ticker Block. Now you and your visitors can see this automated News Ticker on your website.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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  • Tito Oliveira
    Is it possible to make the loop without the break time in the text?
    • Webkul Support
      You query is not very clear to us. Could you please elaborate your query. Also you can raise a ticket at our support ticket system here –

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