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    Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher

    Updated 20 March 2024

    Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher – Is it not possible for sellers on the marketplace to provide discount vouchers on their products to buyers!!! No worries, now with the help of marketplace seller voucher module seller will be able to create vouchers on different conditions as per their requirement. Buyer will be able to use these vouchers as per the conditions defined for the vouchers.

    Note: This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. To use this module, admin has to install  Prestashop Advanced Marketplace 


    • Sellers can provide vouchers to their customers.
    • Sellers can create vouchers for single or multiple products.
    • Admin can set manual or auto approval of newly added seller voucher request.
    • Admin can set the manual or auto approval of any update on seller voucher.
    • Allow/disallow sellers to create vouchers for a particular customer.
    • Admin can allow sellers to create vouchers only for those customers who has ordered that seller product previously.
    • Admin can allow sellers to create the vouchers for all the prestashop customers.
    • Sellers can specify the voucher name in different language.
    • Add the description to the voucher which will be visible to them only.
    • Generate the code for the voucher.
    • Sellers can highlight the voucher.
    • Sellers can specify the priority of the vouchers. The vouchers will be applicable as per their priority set by the seller.
    • Specify various conditions for the vouchers.
    • Sellers can specify the validity of the vouchers.
    • Sellers can specify the total number of vouchers available for all the customers.
    • Specify the total number of vouchers available for each customer.
    • Sellers can set the availability of vouchers for single/multiple countries.
    • Sellers can set the availability of vouchers for single/multiple customer groups.
    • Specify either the fixed amount or amount on percentage basis for the voucher.
    • Seller has to specify the product on which the created voucher will be applicable.
    • Admin can manage sellers vouchers.
    • Admin can also add the vouchers for sellers from back-end.
    • Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher module is MultiShop Compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.3.1/3.3.1 and above.

    Note: Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x. 


    In order to install the module, you need to install the PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace module first.

    After installing the marketplace module, you can now proceed to install the PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Voucher module.

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    • Firstly, go to the module manager in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    • In this way, the module installation will be successful.
    Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher
    Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher


    After successful installation, admin has to configure the module


    So, this is how the admin can configure the module.



    Sellers will get a new tab as “manage vouchers” from where they can create vouchers.

    New tab added
    Add new voucher
    Add new voucher configuration (information)

    Now, after specifying the name of voucher seller can set the condition for the voucher or can directly set the action for the voucher.

    If, seller want to set the condition then seller need to go to condition tab.

    Add new voucher configuration (condition)

    Setting the conditions for the vouchers is optional for sellers but sellers need to set the action for the voucher. As while setting the action for the voucher seller has to mention the amount of voucher which will be deducted.

    The amount set for the voucher either on percentage basis or fixed amount, that will be deducted from the product price.

    Add new voucher configuration (action)

    Seller can also set a voucher for a single product or multiple products.

    Add new voucher configuration (amoint)

    The voucher created by seller will be in pending stage if admin has set the manual approval of voucher.

    voucher list


    A new tab will be added to marketplace management tab.

    Go to marketplace management -> manage seller voucher


    On adding the voucher for sellers admin has to fill the form accordingly.


    Admin can also edit the seller created vouchers


    Voucher Approval Process

    Now, admin has to approve the voucher if admin has set the manual approval of seller voucher


    The seller voucher gets approved, now seller can also change the status of the voucher as per the need.

    Voucher status active

    If the approved seller voucher status is changed by admin, then the voucher will get disabled and seller will not be able to change the status.

    Admin disapprove the voucher

    The seller voucher gets disable even when the seller update the voucher and admin has set the manual approval for “update voucher” Front-End View to Buyers

    Now, as per the voucher conditions and settings the voucher will be available to buyers


    So, this was all about the PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Voucher module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way.

    Also, do let us know about your views in the comments.


    For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

    Also, please explore our PrestaShop development services & vast range of featureful PrestaShop Addons.

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