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    PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Create Order {User-Guide}

    PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Create Order module will help sellers to create orders for the customers. The functionality comes handy when your customers face difficulty while placing orders caused due to whatsoever reasons. In such a scenario, sellers can easily place orders on behalf of the customer & can send them a link to pay for the order.

    In the event of a customer abandoning the site due to any technical difficulty faced by them while placing an order. The sellers can place orders on behalf of the customer to avert such instance. This method can prove to be beneficial in recovering lost sales.

    Additionally, you can also create a new customer while creating order in case if that customer doesn’t hold an account on the website. Choose to apply voucher on the order of the customer if customer has any voucher. If the admin has allowed the seller to create vouchers, then sellers can create & apply voucher from their side too.

    Note: PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Create Order module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.

    Feature of the module

    • Sellers can create orders for the customers.
    • Create a new customer from the seller’s dashboard.
    • Add the address of the newly created customer.
    • The seller can send the email to the customer for making the payment
    • Select address for the order from the addresses already added by the customer.
    • Choose shipping carrier for the order through which the order will be shipped.
    • Set default payment method for the order.
    • Select default order status for the order.
    • Set currency in which the customer will pay for the order.
    • Set language of the order to send all the order related information in selected language to the customer.
    • Search and apply an existing voucher while creating orders.
    • Choose to create a voucher while creating order.
    • Send an email consisting of a payment link to the customer.
    • Admin can view list of all the sellers who have created orders.
    • Admin can also view list of all the customers for whom orders were created.
    • Allow/restrict seller from creating orders on customers behalf.
    • Allow/restrict sellers to create & apply voucher on the order.
    • Choose to allow your sellers to set currency & language of the order.


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    PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Create Order module is MultiShop Compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.3.1/3.3.1 and above.

    How to Install the module

    For installing PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Create Order module you need to install PrestaShop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.

    After installing the marketplace module, you can install the Marketplace Seller Create Order module.

    1. Go to Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    2. Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    3. In this way, the module installation will be successful.
    Click to upload a module
    Drop the file of Marketplace seller order create
    Marketplace seller order create module installed

    How to configure the module

    There are various options in the configuration of the module. Configure the module to allow sellers to create order.


    Add new customer

    After the successful installation of the module, a new tab is added at the seller dashboard.

    New tab to create order is added at the sellers dashoard

    To create a new customer profile, click on “Add New Customer”.


    Fill the required fields to create a new customer.


    After creating a new customer, you can add the address of the customer.

    Add new address of the customer

    Fill in the details to add new address of the customer.

    fill in the details of address

    In this way, the seller can create a new customer & can also add the address of the customer.

    Note: Sellers can create vouchers only if the MP seller voucher is installed by the admin in PrestaShop.

    Create New Order

    To create a new order, go to seller-created orders. Click on the ‘Add new order’.


    Search & select the name of the customer for which you want to create an order.

    After that fill in all the relevant details in order to create an order on behalf of the customer.


    View list of all the created order under ‘seller created orders’ tab.


    Orders with received payments will now show status as ‘Ordered’. Orders with due payment will show status as ‘Non ordered’.

    Create & Apply Voucher

    Admin can also allow sellers to create & apply vouchers on the order. In such a case, sellers can apply or create vouchers while creating orders for the customer.


    While creating order from the page, sellers can now apply vouchers on the order. They can even create a new voucher to apply on the order.


    After clicking on the ‘Add New’ button, seller can view a form to create voucher. The process of creating a new voucher is same as it is on the admin end.


    After entering the voucher information the seller needs to set the conditions of the voucher.


    In the actions tab, the seller can set the discount type, value of the discount and can select the products to which the voucher will be applied.



    On the admin end, a new tab to view all the created orders of sellers becomes available.


    Under seller created orders, List of all the sellers who have created orders for their customer is available.


    Click on the view button to see the list of customers for whom the order was created.


    Another tab “Pending Approvals” shows the list of orders which needs the approval of an admin. Admin can choose to approve or reject these orders.


    Email Templates

    The below-mentioned image represents the format of mail that is sent to the customer to complete the payment.


    The image shown below represents the format of mail that is sent to the customer for the completion of payment.


    An email to inform about the confirmation of order is also sent to the customer.


    So, this concludes the functioning of PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Create Order module. Those were the ways in which a seller can successfully create orders for the customers.


    For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket or send us a mail at [email protected]

    Also, please explore our PrestaShop development services and vast range of quality PrestaShop addons.

    Current Product Version - 5.2.0

    Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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