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    Prestashop Marketplace Product Feature

    Updated 9 February 2018

    Marketplace Product Feature Module is an addon for Marketplace module which allow admin to add features for your marketplace products.

    A new functionality has been added to the module, that now the seller can also add features and its values in multi-language for their products. But the admin needs to decide whether admin wants the seller to add the feature or not. The menu to add feature will only be available to the seller(s) if the admin configure it.

    Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install prestashop advanced marketplace

    Refer– To know the features added to the marketplace product feature module according to the versions launched till date go to the link –

    IMPORTANT NOTE – As per the release of Prestashop V1.7 from 4 November 2016, we are working on making all the Marketplace addons and all the Prestashop modules to be compatible with the new version. So all the Prestashop module purchased after 4 November 2016, will get the updated version of the module once available.

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    • Seller can add new features(based on admin configuration)
    • Seller can use the features added by the admin for the products.
    • Seller can add new values to the already added features.
    • Seller can either use the predefined feature values or can add the custom values.
    • Seller can edit and delete the features, if they are not used with any other product.
    • The user can see the features added with the product as “Data Sheet” on the Product detail page.
    • The admin can add the features from the back-end for any of the product.
    • The admin can also edit the feature values added by the seller.
    New Features (Available in current version only)
    • Seller can add features and its values in multi-language.
    • A new tab i.e. feature will be added to update seller product page at back-end.
    • Admin can view all the features added to seller products.
    • Admin can also edit the features to seller products directly from the manage seller product tab.


    For installing Marketplace Product Feature module you need to install Marketplace module first. After installing marketplace module you can start the installation of Marketplace Product Feature module.


    1. Go to back office ->module
    2. Upload the module zip file
    3. Search “Marketplace product feature” in module search box then go to module and click on install.


    Configuring the Module

    Once the installation is completed, admin needs to configure the module.



    This way, admin can configure the module. Since the admin has selected “yes”, so the seller will now have the product feature menu added to the marketplace account.


    After successful installation of module, a new menu gets added to the marketplace account “product feature”.


    From product feature, seller can view the list of admin’s added features and can also create new feature and add feature value.

    Seller can edit the feature and can also delete the feature.

    NOTE : Seller can delete the feature only, when the feature has not been associated with any product.


    Creating a new feature by seller:

    Now, sellers can create features in multi-language.



    Adding a feature value:

    Seller can specify the feature value in multilanguage.



    Adding feature with the product:

    Go to Product -> add product, Seller can see tabs named Information and Features at the top of the add product form. Information tab is for adding details about a product and Feature tab is for adding features with the product.


    Fill all the details for a product as per your requirement and save the information. Then click on “Feature” tab if you want to assign feature for your product. After clicking on Feature tab you will see a form containing Prestashop default features, enter the feature values either custom or pre-defined and click on Add Product button.


    Seller can also edit the feature values while editing the product through Product List page. Seller will have “feature tab” to update the feature value for the product.



    Now admin can also view and edit the list of features added by sellers on their products.

    Go to marketplace management-> manage seller product.




    This way, the feature has been added by the admin.

    Frontend view of the product and the features:


    So by following the above mentioned process you can add the features for your product.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 2.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x

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