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    Prestashop Marketplace Helpdesk

    Deliver great customer service with our Marketplace Helpdesk module by ensuring all customer requests are managed proficiently and nothing gets forgotten.

    Marketplace Helpdesk: allows you to provide a complete customer care service and excellent support attendance. It allows every customer to submit support requests in the most suitable manner.

    A customer can create/raise tickets using two tabs, which is shown in the seller’s product page and the seller’s shop page. When a customer clicks on either of the two tabs, a query form comes up which need to be filled by the customers in order to raise/create a ticket.

    Note: In order to avail the functionalities of this module, you need to have our Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module installed in your website.


    • Let your customers submit their issues/queries on store.
    • Manages the customers queries/issues.
    • Resolve customers issues faster and efficiently.
    • Guests as well as registered customers can raise tickets.
    • Increase customer loyalty.
    • Admin can create query types.
    • Customers/sellers can see the list of previously raised tickets.
    • Customers/sellers check his/her message history for any ticket.
    • Based on the configuration agent can receive the mails on different events.
    • Admin can specify the type of attachment which can be attached with the tickets.
    • Admin can enable/disable SEO friendly URL and can even provide suffix for URLs.
    • Admin can filter tickets globally on the system based on ticket number, customer or query type.
    • Customer can attach files.


    Before starting installing Marketplace Helpdesk you need to have Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace installed in your website.


    Please follow the below mentioned steps:
    1)  Go to Back office
    2)  Click on “Modules” tab
    3)  You’ll see a button on the top right corner “Upload a Module”

    4) Drop your module zip file there


    Once the file is uploaded, admin will see a message Module installed! Admin can also configure a module from here directly.


    In this way admin can successfully install the module.


    After successful installation, admin can also configure a module by going to Modules-> Installed module -> Search for Marketplace Help Desk -> Click on configure button.


    In this way admin can successfully configured the module.

    Also, before proceeding further make sure you’ve unchecked the Contact Seller Link in the Display Seller Details Settings in the Marketplace module.

    Admin Workflow

    After successful installation, a new tab “Help desk management” will be created in the back office under Marketplace Management.


    Under Helpdesk Management tab, admin can view all the tickets of the customers as per their status. Also, from this tab, admin can create the Query Type for the customers to choose.



    On clicking Add New Query Type


    On clicking Edit option


    Customer Workflow

    Customer can raise tickets to the seller from their product page either by tapping on the Contact seller link or by visiting the sellers shop.


    On clicking Shop page link:


    One clicking Contact Seller either from sellers Shop page or product page, a form will open where customers will have to fill their details in order to generate ticket. In the ticket generating form customer will find an option to select a Query Type from the available Query Type the admin has created in the back end.


    Once the ticket is created by the customer, he/she can see the ticket in “My Tickets” menu tab in their account section.


    The customer when clicks on “My Tickets” tab.


    On clicking show details


    At seller’s end, two new menu tabs “My Tickets” and “Assigned Tickets” in their account section.

    Now since the ticket has been created by the customer, it will be shown to that particular seller in his “Assigned Tickets” tab in his account section


    In clicking Assigned Tickets


    Seller can click on the ticket created to view the complete ticket details and reply to the customer.

    Note: Here seller will get an option to select Reply Type i.e. Reply and Internal Note.

    If the seller select Reply, then it means he is simply replying to the customer on his/her ticket and if seller selects Internal note then that means he does not want that message to be appear at customer’s end.

    When seller has selected Reply from Reply Type



    Ticket status changed to Answered from Open at admin’s end


    Now customer again replies to the Seller


    At Seller’s end :


    Ticket status changed to open from Answered at admin’s end


    When seller has selected Internal Note from Reply Type



    This way customer can communicate with the sellers and can resolve their queries.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 5.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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