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    Prestashop Marketplace 5.0.0 Will Blow Your Mind

    Updated 17 February 2017

    There is a saying by “Walt Disney” – “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” and “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

    Keeping the concept in our mind, we have started building Plugins for various eCommerce Platforms i.e. Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart etc.

    Our best selling product for “Prestashop Platform” is “Advanced Marketplace Module”. We have launched our first version of Advanced Marketplace Module in “2012” . Since then we have launched various versions of marketplace with improved technologies and functionalities. We have even launched 55+ addons for our Marketplace till the date.

    Slowly and steady “Advanced Marketplace Module” is becoming favorite to all the Prestashop users who want to convert their Prestashop Store into a Marketplace. It provide various functionalities as well as sellers have separate panels, so that Super Admin do not loose the control on the website at all.  Now, its time to Launch an advance version of our “Marketplace Module” itself.

    So, here we are with Our Advance version i.e. Marketplace 5.0.0 (For Prestashop V1.7) or Marketplace 3.0.0 (For Prestashop V1.6) It is a major new version, and an important milestone for “Marketplace” as a whole. This version is a great step forward for PrestaShop Users, as it is giving advance functionality to Marketplace Users.

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    What’s New In Marketplace 5.0.0

    Just like other Marketplace addons for Prestashop our module also help admin to convert their store into a marketplace.

    But, do other covers all the necessary functionality needed in a Marketplace and most importantly provide a very user friendly interface !!!  We have Improved our Marketplace Module to such a extent that it will cover all the required functionalities.

    Here’s a sneak peek of the Marketplace 5.0.0 which we will launch soon –

    Seller’s Product Page

    Now, sellers can add all the product related information while adding/updating their own product. Obviously, admin will have full control on the fields or the features available to sellers.

    • Seller can create combinations using admin added attributes & values.
    • Provide the discounts on the product from “Specific Price” panel.
    • Apply admin added shipping to the product.
    • Add admin created features to the product.
    • Auto saving of the uploaded product images.
    • Seller can specify Reference Number, EAN, JAN, UPC barcode.
    • Seller can manage the “Availability Preferences” for the product.

    Admin will also have the access to all the functionalities for seller products. Admin can update these details even the feature is not provided to sellers in their marketplace account.

    Product Page

    Seller End View

    Now, seller can have a preview of their own product to go through all the detail provided by them. Seller can even go directly to update product page of the product from there.

    Seller Profile

    Now, admin can have more information from the sellers depending on the requirement.

    Seller End View –

    Admin End View

    Custom View Of Marketplace

    Now, admin can enable the custom CSS  options to have a custom theme at front-end.

    Advertise Your Marketplace

    Now, admin can even advertise their marketplace i.e. admin can acquire more sellers by providing “Become Seller” button on Home page in three different ways.

    Front-end View –

    Customer-End View

    Now, customer can have various information on very elegant profile page and shop page of a seller.

    Seller Profile Page –

    Seller Shop Page –

    Refer the link for more information –

    If this sounds like something you’d be interested, we would be happy to pass along any information you might need. Here is a link to our ticket system through which you can contact us anytime –


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