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Prestashop Customer Wallet System {User-Guide}

Updated 17 May 2024

Prestashop Customer Wallet System- “Wallet System is a trending concept in today’s world”. We have therefore built a wallet system to use it on Prestashop platform. Prestashop Customer Wallet module allows customers to make the payment using their wallet. In this module, a user can use a wallet during the checkout and money will deduct from their wallet. They can easily add credit to their wallet system. Ultimately ensure a hassle-free, easy-to-go and a user-friendly payment option.

PrestaShop Customer Wallet System module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.

Check the overview of the plugin in the video mentioned-below –



  • A Fast Online Payment Method will be available to the customers.
  • The customer can easily add money in their wallet and use it for making transactions.
  • Admin can view the customer details who are using Wallet System along with the transactions made by them using the wallet system.
  • Admin can use the Wallet in single/multiple currencies.
  • Send email notifications to customers for low wallet balance.
  • Set the amount below which email notifcation will be send to customers.
  • Wallet balance converts to context currency if you are using it for multiple currencies.
  • Admin can add money into customer’s wallet on customer’s behalf.
  • Add money to customer’s wallet manually.
  • Deduct money from customer’s wallet.
  • If the wallet has insufficient balance to complete the order, the customer can add money into the wallet on run-time without losing its current cart.
  • If the wallet has insufficient balance to complete the order, Buyer has an option to pay the remaining amount through the other payment options available.
  • Refund amount to the customers’ wallet upon order cancellation.
  • Buyers can view their wallet transactions easily in their respective accounts.
  • Buyers will be notified via mail regarding the transactions made using the Wallet.
  • Select customer groups whose members will have access to Wallet.
  • Create Cashback rules and offer cashback to the customers on placing an order or wallet recharge.
  • The PrestaShop Customer Wallet module is MultiShop compatible.

How to install Prestashop Customer Wallet System module

  • Firstly, Go to the Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.
Click to upload Prestashop Customer Wallet System module
Drop or select Prestashop Customer Wallet System module file
Prestashop Customer Wallet System module installed on prestashop


After successful installation of this module, admin needs to configure the module.

General Settings

Under General Settings, the admin can:

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  • Enable or disable the usage of multiple currencies for customers.
  • Choose to send email notifications to customer for low wallet balance.
  • Set the amount below which the email will be sent to the customers.
  • Configure customer groups whose members can have access to wallet.

Please note that for automatically sending emails to customers for low wallet balance, the admin needs to insert the URL (mentioned in the above screenshot) in cron tasks manager.


This consist of some display end settings. You will need to enable/disable the settings as per your needs.


Cashback Rules:

Here appears the list of all Cashback rules that admin has created. Further, you can edit or delete them as per your needs.

To add a Cashback rule, click on the “+” (plus) icon.


The following form will open up.

Note that you can create Cashback rules with following types:
1) Order
2) Recharge Wallet

Also, there is a field for “Random Cashback” which you can set to either “Yes” or “No”.

Let’s create a rule with type “Order” first.


After saving, the rule will be created and will appear in the list.

Now with another type “Recharge Wallet”.


After saving, the rule will be created and will appear in the list.


Let us check how a customer can benefit from the wallet usage.

Wallet for Multiple Currency

Admin has enabled the creation of wallet in multiple currencies from the configuration.

Now, let us check the functionality at front-end that how wallet for multiple currencies works.

Suppose the currencies in your Prestashop are US Dollar($) and Euro(€). Now, the wallet money will convert into the selected context currency.

A customer has selected US dollar($) as the context currency.


A customer has selected Euro (€) as the context currency.


Note that, if the admin has opted to use the Wallet for a single currency, the wallet balance will not be available for other currencies (if selected by the customer on front-end).

Add money to the wallet

The amount that already exists in the wallet is $ 217.65.

To add more money into wallet, customer needs to go to My Account -> My Wallet.


In “My Wallet” tab, the customer can view all his wallet transactions. And also can add money.
Note: The amount is appearing in Green because the admin has enabled “show amount text color” field. And also there is a back ground color in summary section because the admin has enabled “show summary background color” field in the back office.

To add money, enter the amount and click on “Add Money” button.

Suppose a customer wants to add $ 350.00 in wallet.


Now, the customer can see all the payment options available to make the payment. To add the money to the wallet, a customer can simply make the payment through any payment method.


After the customer makes the payment, an admin needs to change the order status to “Payment Accepted”. Then only, the added balance will display at the customer end.

Currently, the payment is pending so that’s why the added amount is not reflected in the wallet.


The admin changes the status to Payment Accepted.


As soon as the payment is accepted, the amount got added.

Now, the total wallet balance/amount becomes: $ 217.65 + $ 350 = $ 567.65.

In addition to it, the customer also receives the cashback since the admin has created the cashback rule with type “Recharge wallet”.
So, on adding money, the customer gets the cashback of $10.00.

The total wallet amount: $ 577.65.

Pay for the order using wallet

Let’s see how a customer can make payment via wallet.

If the wallet balance of the customer exceeds the order amount. Then, he/she can make total payment via wallet only.


A customer can view the payment method used for placing an order on the order confirmation page.


Admin can also view the customer wallet details on the order details page as shown in the below screenshot.


Since the transaction is done through Wallet therefore, its listing will appear in the Wallet Transaction List.
After making this payment through Wallet, the Wallet balance now becomes: $ 485.14.


In case, if the order amount exceeds the wallet balance of the customer. Then, a customer has two options.

The first option is to pay through available wallet balance. And, the remaining amount through any other payment method.

Otherwise, a customer has another option too. In this case, he/she can add more money to the wallet & proceed with the payment through the wallet only. In this case, they don’t lose their cart.

Consider a case:
Total Order Amount: $ 519.36
Wallet Amount: $ 485.41

Customer decides to pay $ 485.41 via Wallet and the remaining $ 33.95 via Bankwire.


After placing the order, the available balance in the Wallet will be $0.00.


A look of customer’s order detail page.


Manually Add/Deduct Wallet Amount

PrestaShop Customer Wallet module allows the admin to add balance to wallet or deduct from it. The admin can add wallet balance or deduct it from the customer information page.


Add wallet balance


In the above screenshot, we can see that admin has added $ 10 to customer’s wallet.


Deduct wallet balance


Admin End

A new tab adds at the admin end. Go to Customers then to Customer Wallet.


Admin can view a list of customers who are using the wallet. Admin can also view the transactions made by the customers via Customer Wallet.


On clicking “View” button, wallet transaction list of a particular customer will be shown. Also, from this page the admin can choose to add money into this customer wallet. All, he has to do this press the “Add into wallet” button.


A pop up will come as shown below. Enter amount that you want to add, enter remarks and press “Save”.


Wallet Refund

If a customer has placed an order using the wallet amount and that order is cancelled by admin, then amount used for placing an order is refunded to the customer’s wallet.

The current wallet balance is $ 0.00.


Suppose, the order that the customer placed of $ 519.36 got cancelled.
Now, the amount that was paid via wallet i.e. $ 485.41 will get refunded into the customer wallet.


This was all about Prestashop Customer Wallet System Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way.

Do let us know about your views in comments.


“For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

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