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    Prestashop Customer Partner

    Updated 16 June 2015

    Prestashop Customer Partner – Using this module, customer can also sell products. Customer can also be the partner and seller.



    •  Customer can upload product, edit products
    • Customer can see the order details of his products
    • Admin can activate and deactivate products
    • Admin can manage the commission rate


    Go to the back office->modules->add a new module
    upload zip file of customer partner module
    simply search customer partner in the search box then install the module

    Configuring the Module

    Admin needs to configure the module from here:

    1 configure

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    1.1 configure

    This way the module is installed and configured successfully.


    After Installation of module,

    Customer partner tab has been added.

    After login in front, customer can see a “customer partner” tab on my account page.

    Click on the customer partner tab:

    1 tab on frontend

    After clicking on the “customer partner” tab. Customer can add product using Add product tab.

    3 add image

    From the My Product List, customer can edit and delete the products.

    4 edit product

    Customer can see the ordered product information on My Dashboard tab,

    A graph has also been shown for the orders placed:

    Customer Partner

    2 graph


    In Admin section,

    Click on Customer Product under Customer Partner tab.

    Customer added products has been listed here. Admin can activate/deactivate or edit products added by the customer.

    4 list of products added

    Admin can set commission rate for seller(customer)  or a global commission for all customers.

    5 commission list

    6 new commission added

    Click on add button to add new commission rate for customer commission or global commission.

    7 customer partner

    Admin can assign the products in the catalog under customer partner product. Under customer partner tab > make product as CPP. From here Admin needs to choose the customer from the drop down and also select the product. This way, the catalog products can be assigned to the customer partner.

    8 CP prod


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    . . .

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