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    Prestashop Custom Registration Field

    Prestashop Custom Registration Field-This add-on will let the admin add new custom fields on the registration page in multi-language. This way, the admin can take any additional and important information from the user registering on the site. Admin (site owner) can select whether to keep the custom field as a dropbox, text field, text area etc. Now admin can extend the registration form easily, with the use of the module.

    Check the overview of the plugin in the video mentioned-below –



    • Multiple custom fields can be added on the registration page.
    • Admin can add the field like textbox, textarea, radio button, checkbox, file type and dropdown from the backend.
    • Admin can set default value for text box and textarea field.
    • Admin can set validation type on the textbox just like input must be number or email or text only.
    • Admin can restrict the number of characters for the text field and text area.
    • Admin can choose for the dropdown type either multiple choice or simple dropdown listing.
    • For Checkbox and dropdown list admin can select multiple option.
    • Admin can set whether field should be mandatory or not for the customers.
    • Admin can set whether information filled by customers should come on customer’s my account page or not.
    • Admin can easily activate or inactivate the fields added, in just one click.
    • Admin can add the label name in multi-language.


    Go to the back office->modules->add a new module

    upload zip file of custom registration fields module

    Module would be automatically installed.


    Once the installation is completed, a new tab is added “registration custom field”. From here new fields can be added and you can view all the field types added earlier.

    Under registration custom field -> manage custom field, here is the list of all the added fields. New fields can be added from here:

    Adding a new custom field :

    Adding textbox as the custom registration field:

    A text box can be added on the registration page, as specified in the screenshot above.

    The custom field has been added in the list, on backend.

    Frontend view of the textbox added:

    Adding textarea as the custom registration field:

    The text area can be added from the back-end, under registration custom field -> manage custom field. Click add new custom field, then select the input type as text area and fill the rest of the form as specified in the screenshot:

    This way the textarea custom field is added and shown on the backend:

    Frontend view of the newly added textarea:

    This way, textarea field type can be added.

    Adding radiobutton as the custom registration field:

    Radio button can be added as the earlier field types, ie. textfieldand text area. See the screen shot attached:

    The added radio button added to the backend:

    Front end view of the added radio button:

    Adding checkbox as the custom registration field:

    The check box can also be added similarly as adding other input types. Please refer the screenshots:

    Checkbox added to the list of the custom fields at the backend. Admin can edit or delete the checkbox from here:

    Frontend view of the added checkbox:

    Adding file type as the custom registration field:

    Admin can also let the user upload files from the registration page. Please refer the screenshot, adding file type custom field:

    Newly added file type custom field on backend:

    Frontend view of the file type added custom field on register page:

    Adding drop down as the custom registration field:

    Adding the custom registration field as a dropdown is similar to adding the other input types. See the screenshot:

    New custom field added, at the backend:

    Frontend view of the dropdown custom field on the register page:

    This way various types of custom fields can be added on the registration page.

    The registered user can view the information added through the custom field as additional information under “my personal information” tab on the account page.

    Admin can view the additional information of customer. Admin can also download the file added by the customer.
    Go to customers tab at back end.

    Multi-language- Custom fields at user end will reflect according to the language user has selected, only if admin has created those custom fields in that particular language selected by user.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 5.2.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    Blog Version - 1.7.x.x
    • Version 1.7.x.x
    • Version 1.6.x.x
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  • James
    Hi, from the User Guide, seems like new fields can only be added at the bottom of the form? Is it possible to add fields in the middle? Like say, after the name field.
    • amit kushwaha (Moderator)
      Greetings from Webkul!

      Currently, you cannot rearrange or move the custom fields. We will have to customize it, if you are interested then please raise a ticket at our support ticket system or you can mail us at [email protected] so we can discuss this in detail.

      Thanks & Regards.

  • Parmentier Yann
    Hello, we just bought this plug-in …. seems great at first look.

    Fields are displayed on the front-end, but no value are displayed on the customer BACK-OFFICE page … Where can we find them ?


  • Jawad Tahir
    Great addon to add text field in PrestaShop registration page. Here, my requirement is somehow different. I want to add custom fields at checkout page. I seen this feature in a module from FMEModules but i am looking for another module. Wants a comparison. Do you can give me a link?
    • Priyanka
      Hi Jawad,

      Currently, we do not have any module for your requirement but We do provide paid customization service also. Kindly send us your requirement on our ticket system, so that we can assist you in better way.
      Refer link to raise ticket –

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