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    Prestashop CMS Popup Module

    Prestashop CMS Popup Module : Using this module admin can show any cms page on prestashop front page like home page, product page,category page or search page. The CMS page will be popup while loading these pages.

    IMPORTANT NOTE – As per the release of Prestashop V1.7 from 4 November 2016, we are working on making all the Marketplace addons and all the Prestashop modules to be compatible with the new version. So all the Prestashop module purchased after 4 November 2016, will get the updated version of the module once available.


    • Admin can popup CMS page content on the front pages
    • Popup functionality will appear on home,product,category and search page
    • CMS page will popup on loading of these pages
    • Admin can set the CMS popup for all categories/selected categories.
    • Admin can set the CMS popup for all products/selected products.

    Configuring the Module

    After successful installation of module admin has to configure the module.
    Note:-You can see the configuration page where you can manage the popup size width and height. By default the height is auto. You can enter 0 for the auto height.
    Refer the screenshot:-


    Back End

    After successful installation of module ‘CMS Popup manager’ tab will be added at backend.
    Go to CMS Popup Manager-> Manage CMS Position tab.

    Admin can add CMS page for any of the following -home page, product page,category page or search page.

    Admin has to choose the front page on which the CMS popup page will be displayed.

    Note:- Admin can set the CMS popup for all categories or for selected categories.
    Admin can set the CMS popup for all products or for selected products.

    Note:- If CMS is assigned to any product or category once,then CMS will not be assigned to that product or category again.To reassign the CMS page admin has to delete the previous CMS page.

    Admin can see the list of all the created CMS pages.

    You can display only one cms page on one front page. If you want to change the assigned page you have to delete the previous one.

    Error will be display when you try to assign the other page which is previously assigned(only in case of home and search page).

    Front End

    The assigned cms page will be popup on the front page.

    Example:  For home page:-

    So, admin can easily add any CMS popup on any of the selected front page by using this module.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.6.3

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