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    Prestashop B2B Marketplace

    B2B Marketplace: 

    Prestashop B2B Marketplace is one of the unique solution for creating a full fledged B2B marketplace like Alibaba, Indiamart etc.

    Prestashop B2B module consists of following modules-



    Go to the back  office->modules->add a new module
    upload zip file of B2B Marketplace Module
    simply search B2B Marketplace Module in the search box then install the module.

    The Prestashop B2B Marketplace Module Consists Of Several Features Listed Below:

    1) Business / Supplier Registration :

    Businesses can register themselves from frontend with their complete detail. After registration Admin will approve the request (based on the configuration set by the admin whether approval by admin or auto approve), then business owner can login and see all of the available marketplace menu.

    Admin can put a fix percentage commission on each sale from supplier . Prestashop B2B marketplace module will do all the calculation of commission and transaction . At the time of purchase , seller part will be credited to seller‘s account and after certain period admin can send money to seller manually.

    2) Price Display Customization :

    With this feature, the Admin can set the price display for the products as either yes, no or seller. If the price display is yes, then the price of the products will be displayed to the user.

    Please follow the link :

    If the price display is set to no, then the products listed on the site will not have the price.

    If the price display is set to seller, then there will be an option on the product list page for the seller to decide whether the seller wants to display the price or not.

    To view, login the backend then in Marketplace Management > MP price display and set the option.

    3) Seller Price Comparison :

    With this unique feature, the customer will have the list of all the sellers for the particular product. Admin can make the product as global and the seller can then assign the product to any of the existing global product. This will help the customer to view and compare the different seller options available for the product.Please follow the link :

    4) Seller Badge :

    With this module, admin can create various badges and can assign these badges to the sellers. Admin can even assign more than one badge to the seller. To check how the module works, please refer the link :

    5) Post Buy Feature :

    In this module the customer can post request about the product to all the sellers of the product. There is a button “Post Buy Request” on every page, from there user can easily add the request for post buy. The customer needs to specify the name, category, price, quantity, preferred location for the seller request.

    All the sellers of that product will receive the notification about the request and then the seller can contact the buyer accordingly.

    To understand this feature, please follow the link :


    6) Bulk Buy Request :

    With this module buyers can order the product for bulk purchase. They can negotiate with the seller. The seller and buyer can communicate directly but the admin can view the conversation at any point of time.

    To understand this feature, please follow the link : This feature works similarly as given in the link.

    7) Slot Pricing :

    Sellers can put slot price with their products , they can define range of quantity and corresponding price . Slot price will be displayed on frontend product detail page as volume discounts.

    To add slot pricing : Add the product from the front end and then in the product list edit the product. Then on the edit page, the Add Slot price feature is available. From there you can go ahead and fill in the required fields accordingly. After the submission, the volume discounts section appears on the product detail page. Please follow the link :

    With all these features the module can create a platform where businesses can communicate and transact with other businesses alongwith various other important features.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 2.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x

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  • Радик Сен
    This module is the best among similar ones for transstage.
    Compared with other developments.
    The webcool company does a good job of supporting its products.
    Cool guys!
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