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PrestaShop B2B Invoicing {User-Guide}

Updated 19 December 2023

If you are running an eCommerce store that sells to customers around the world then specifying their tax inclusive and tax exclusive price can be tedious and time-consuming. Some of your business customers may demand to exclude the tax from the product price.

With default PrestaShop, you can categorize the business customers that you don’t want to be taxed in specific customer groups. But, the invoice generated is with price inclusive of taxes.

Thanks to PrestaShop B2B invoicing that allows you to tax-exempt some customers such as businesses. You can select the customer groups for which you want to completely remove the taxes. Also, you can select the European or world B2B customers who do not have to pay taxes.

Excluding tax from the actual selling price for specific customer groups will help you retain your B2B customers.

Note: PrestaShop B2B Invoicing module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.

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Check the overview of the plugin in the video mentioned-below –

Features of PrestaShop B2B Invoicing

  • Invoice your B2B customers without tax.
  • Select B2B customer groups that will be tax exempted.
  • Remove taxes for B2B customer groups of your country.
  • Select the European and World B2B customers who do not have to pay taxes.
  • Enable SIRET verification for French professional customers.
  • Verify VAT number of European professional customers via VIES.
  • Add website, Ape, SDE, and PEC fields on the executive account creation form.
  • Both admin and customer can edit/update the executive details.
  • A separate “Executive Customer” tab to view a list of business customers.
  • Customers who belong to selected customer groups will see product prices exclusive of taxes.
  • Email notification to both admin and selected employees whenever a B2B customer registers on the store.
  • Activate/Deactivate B2B customers from the back office.
  • Display a pre-registration CMS page to show terms & conditions to your B2B customers for creating an executive account.
  • PrestaShop B2B Invoicing module is multistore compatible.


  • Firstly, go to the module manager in back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.
B2B invoicing installation
B2B invoicing installation
B2B invoicing installation

Create Customer Groups

First of all, admin needs to create B2B customer groups for which he wants to remove the taxes. Go to Shop Parameters -> Customer Settings -> Groups.


After clicking on the Add new group the admin will redirect to then below mentioned page.


While creating a customer group, admin needs to select “Tax excluded” as the price display method if he wants to invoice the customer groups without tax.

Similarly, admin can create B2B customer groups for EU countries and countries other than his. After creating the B2B customer groups, let’s discuss the module configuration.

PrestaShop B2B Invoicing Configuration

The module configuration is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Customer Setting
  2. VAT Number Setting
  3. General Setting
  4. API Setting

Let’s discuss each setting one by one.

Customer Setting

Under this tab, admin can select the customer groups for which he wants to remove the taxes. Also, this module provides the option to tax exempt European or world business customers.

  • Default customer group of own country – If an executive customer registers on the store and he belongs to the admin’s country, then by default he comes under the specified customer group.
  • Group access to executive customers of own country – In this field, admin can select the customer groups for which he wants to display price without taxes.

Similarly, under “Whole World” and “EU Country” tabs, admin can select:

  • Default customer group for the B2B customers from EU countries and countries other than his.
  • B2B Customer groups (based in EU countries and countries other than his store) which do not have to pay taxes.

VAT Number Setting

Under this tab, admin can enable or disable:

  • Display of SIRET and VIES fields on the customer registration form.
  • Auto verification of VAT number with SIRET and VIES.

General Setting

Under “General Setting” tab, admin can:

  • Select CMS page to display on clicking the “Create Executive Account” button at the store.
  • Configure certain fields that he wants to show on the executive account creation form.
  • Select who will receive email on the registration of an executive customer.

API Setting

Under “API Setting”, admin needs to enter the customer and client keys to verify the SIRET number of B2B customers. Admin can obtain these keys by signing up on the URL mentioned in the below screenshot.



In order to detect the customer’s location, admin has to enable the “Geolocation by IP address” field under Geolocation. In order to use Geolocation, admin has to download the Geoip file and & extract it into app/Resources/geoip/ directory.


Front End Workflow of PrestaShop B2B Invoicing

Post-installation, a new button “CREATE EXECUTIVE ACCOUNT” is available on the login form. B2B customers can create an executive account by clicking on this button. When a customer visits the store, the store detects his location by the IP address


A customer redirects to the CMS page selected by admin on clicking “CREATE EXECUTIVE ACCOUNT” button.


On clicking “CREATE EXECUTIVE ACCOUNT”, a form opens on the screen where a customer has to fill in the necessary details to complete the registration process. All the fields enabled by admin from the back office are displayed on the registration form as shown in the below screenshot.

Executive account creation form

We can see in the above screenshot that some of the fields are optional to fill. If admin has made these fields mandatory to fill, then the customer needs to provide the details in order to complete the registration process.

After creating the executive account, a message is displayed on the store as shown in the below screenshot.


The executive account created by a customer gets activate after the verification by admin from the back office.

Once the admin activates the executive account the customer can update the deatils from the “Information” tab.

Update executive details

Executive Customer

Post-installation, a new tab “Executive Customer” gets available under Customers. From this tab, admin can view a list of customers who have created an executive account. Also, admin can view the details of the customers and enable or disable their accounts.


After clicking on the view button the admin will redirect to the customer detail page and where the admin can check the entered executive details.


Also, if admin wants to edit the executive information for any customer then he can edit it by editing the customer.

Update executive customer details

If a customer belongs to a group selected by admin from the back office, then the customer can view the tax excluded price on the shopping cart.

display tax excl price

Invoice for the order will be generated without tax as shown in the below screenshot.


This was all about the PrestaShop B2B Invoicing Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. Also, do let us know about your views in the comments.


For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

Current Product Version - 4.1.1

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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