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    Prestashop Advertisement Addon

    Prestashop Advertisement Addon :  Advertisement means making a thing known to the people commercially. We live in an age of publicity. In modern business world, advertising plays an important role to establish contact between the buyer and seller. It is also a medium to monetise your site.

    Worldwide Advertising has gained an exceptional significance.

    We hereby bring to you our new Prestashop Advertisement Addon with the help of which your customers can place their advertisements on your prestashop site furnishing advantage not only to themselves by making their products/shops known but also by providing a revenue generation medium for your website.


    • Admin can monetise its website by providing advertisement space to the customers.
    • Admin provides a panel to customers where they can place their advertisement request by selecting the required available position.
    • Admin can set impact price for every advertisement position.
    • Admin can also provide an advertisement position free of cost by setting the impact price as zero.
    • Admin can allow/disallow external link for banner images added by the customer for their advertisement.
    • Admin can allow/disallow the approval of the banners uploaded by the customers.
    • Customers gets options to select the advertisement display positions.
    • Customers can have a look at the various advertisement positions provided by the admin of the site.
    • Customers can add Banners on the advertisement position bought.
    • Customer can select the date range for which advertisement will be displayed and make payment accordingly.
    • Customers are redirected to secured Payment gateway – Paypal to make the payment for advertisement request.
    • Admin will have complete control of advertisements displayed on the website
    • Admin can view the list of customers who have purchased the advertisement plans.
    • Admin can enable/disable or delete the advertisement banners added by the customer.


    Please follow the below mentioned steps to install the module:

    1. Go to Prestashop back office
    2. Click on “Module Manager” under “Module” tab
    3. Click on “Upload a module”

    Module Installation Complete !!


    Admin has to set configuration for PayPal in PayPal Configuration Tab :

    Next, Admin has to set the General Configuration of the module where admin can allow/restrict the customers to add links to their banners.

    Admin will then go to Set Impact Price for Display section. Here admin can add impact prices according to various advertisement display positions.

    This is how the module is completely configured !


    Once a customer registers, a new tab will be displayed in customer dashboard  – “My Advertisement“.

    Customer can click on this  Advertisement” tab to purchase the available advertisement positions as per the required date.
    By clicking on “Buy Position” tab, customer goes to create plan page.

    Here customer will create his own advertisement plan by selecting the position and date.

    By clicking on “View Display Position” tab, customer will be able to view the various advertisement positions allowed by the admin where the advertisement can be displayed.

    Customer selects the display position and adds the date range for which the advertisement will be displayed on the selected position.
    The total amount will be calculated considering the Impact price set for the selected position and the number of days for which the plan is being purchased.

    After clicking on the “Add” button, the advertisement plan goes under the selected plan list from where customer can either proceed with the payment (via paypal) by clicking on “Pay” button or can also deleted the selected plan from the list.

    Let’s add one more position.

    The customer will then be redirected to PayPal site to complete the payment procedure.

    Customer will then login to its PayPal account and make the payment for the advertisement plan selected.

    Once the payment is made, customer will receive a confirmation notification and will have an option to “View details” for the purchased advertisement.

    The customer when clicks on “View Details” will see a pop-up appear with a list of all the advertisement positions purchased in that particular plan.
    Add banner” option will help customer to add banners and hyperlinks on the banner (if allowed by admin in module configuration) to the respective advertisement position.

    Once you click on “Add Banner”, add banner page will appear as shown in the following screenshot. Customer will upload the desired banner image and attach the hyperlink.

    Once the customer has uploaded the banner, banner preview will be visible for that particular advertisement position.
    Customer can also edit or delete the banner from here.

    When customer clicks on Edit Banner option, Customer will be redirected to edit Banner page from where he can change the uploaded banner as well as change the attached link on the banner.

    And the Selected Banner is displayed as per the advertisement position for which it is set.

    So as per our example banner is displayed at the home page.

    Overall Banner Management Tab

    We have also given a separate tab to add the banners.

    When customer clicks on “Add Banner Option” for any advertisement position listed, Customer will be able to set banner for that position.
    If customer wants then the same banner can be set for the same advertisement position purchased for different dates.

    This was the entire flow of how customer will purchase and manage the advertisements.

    We shall now see how this is managed at Admin End.

    Admin End

    As we know, admin holds control of his entire website. Admin should be aware of the advertisements that will be displayed on admin’s website.
    With the Installation of the Module, 3 new tabs are added to admin dashboard.

    We will discuss each of these 3 tabs.

    1. Manage Advertisement -> Configuration

    This is exactly the same as the Module Configuration shown in the Configuration section of the Blog above.

    2. Manage Advertisement -> Customer Advertisement

    Here Admin can view the list of customers who has purchased the advertisement plans

    To view the plan details, admin will click on “View” tab.
    Admin will be able to see the details of the advertisement positions purchased in that particular plan.

    3. Manage Advertisement -> Manage Banner

    Here admin gets a drop-down menu to select the customer, admin can now see the banners uploaded by that customer for the advertisement positions purchased.

    Customer can view the Banners added by the customer by clicking on “View Banner” tab.
    Admin can enable/disable or delete the banner.

    This is how admin provides spaces on his own website to customers to display their advertisements in return for additional revenue and a interactive apparance of the website.

    Thank you for reading this Blog 🙂

    We hope this Addon will enhance the functionality of your prestashop store.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.2

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

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