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    Prestashop Advanced Login

    Prestashop advanced login module helps you to add extra features on the login & registration page. Some of the options like ‘remember me’ & ‘password show/hide’ toggle button is there to enhance the security features.

    The module also provides you to restrict the number of attempts allowed for login. This type of security feature helps to secure the account of a customer. Choose to sign out the user, if unauthorized access to the account is detected with multiple failed login attempts.

    Features like the display of strength of password in colour bar help customer to choose strong password in order to strengthen the account security.

    Features of the module

    • Allow customer to try for login for a set number of attempts.
    • Enter time after which the customer can try to login into his account again.
    • Enable or disable the display of ‘remember me’ checkbox on the login page.
    • Enable or disable the display of show or hide toggle button on the password input box.
    • Allow customer to login via OTP.
    • Send OTP on the registered email address of the customer.
    • Choose to send email to the customer on detection multiple failed login attempt.
    • Inform customer through mail about login via new device.
    • Enable the display of field to retype the password.
    • Enter the time after which the password can be reset by the customer.
    • Allow customer to copy-paste the password in retype password box.
    • Display strength of the password in colour bar on the customer registration page.
    • Select the pattern to check the strength of the password.
    • Add google reCAPTCHA form on login, registration & admin login page.
    • Select the theme of the google reCAPTCHA login page.

    How to install the module

    1. Go to Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    2. Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    3. In this way, the module installation will be successful.

    How to configure the Prestashop Advanced Login module

    The configuration page consists of 3 tabs. Each tab provide you the range of options to customize the settings as per need.

    Login Page Settings

    In this tab, there are multiple options to configure the settings of the login page. Some of the noteworthy settings of the section are

    • Maximum attempts allowed to log in: Set the maximum number of chances that you want to give your customer for login.
    • Restricted time to next attempt: The time after which the customer can try to log in to his/her account again.
    • Enter Time: It is the time until which the customer remains logged in to the account.
    • Email user on multiple failed login: Enable this option to send mail to the user on detection of multiple failed login attempt.
    • Email to user when login on new device: Enable this option to send mail to user on login attempt via new device.

    Registration Page Settings

    Registration Page Settings provides you with the following options:

    • Retype password input: Enable this option to add the field to reenter the password.
    • Maximum attempts allowed to match old password: Enter the number of attempts that you want to give your customers to match the old password.
    • Time after which the password can be reset: Enter the number of minutes after which the password can be reset by customer.
    • Signout User: Enable this option to sign out the user on detection of multiple failed login attempt.
    • Allow copy-paste: Allow this functionality in retype password field.
    • Password Strength Meter: The meter shows the strength of the password in the colour bar.
    • Password Strength Validation: Enable to check the strength of password on the basis of selected patterns.

    reCAPTCHA Settings

    In this section, enter keys to display reCAPTCHA form. You can also choose the pages to show this form. Display reCaptcha form on login, registration page & admin end log in page.

    To obtain the keys of Google reCAPTCHA, go through the documentation of our Prestashop Google reCAPTCHA module.

    Front-end View Prestashop Advanced Login

    After configuring the module successfully, multiple changes can be observed at the front end.

    Customer Login Page

    On the customer login page, a ” remember me” checkbox & google reCAPTCHA form is available.

    Customer Registration Page

    A new field to reenter password becomes available at the registration page. Google reCAPTCHA form is also available as per settings.

    Update Password

    While updating the password, customer can try to match password for the allowed number of times only.


    Customer will be notified about the maximum trial limit after entering the wrong password for allowed number of time.

    Customer is notified of the OTP mail on the page too.

    Password Strength Indicator

    A colour bar at the registration page shows the strength of the password. The system analyses the strength of the password on the basis of the selected pattern.

    Admin End Login Page

    Google reCAPTCHA form becomes available on the admin-end login page too.

    Email Template

    View of the email template that is sent to the customer on requesting sign in via OTP.

    This was all about Prestashop Advanced Login.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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