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    PostgreSQL Windows Installation Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly.

    Yesterday, when I install PostgreSQL on Windows 7, it always report the following error:

    [stextbox id=”alert”]Problem running the post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly.[/stextbox]

    … when the installation progress bar reached the end.

    After doing a bit searching, I found the solution.


    • Uninstall PostgreSQL
    • Run command: net user postgres /delete
    • Click: Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Configure advanced user profile properties -> delete all “Unknown User” instances that seem to be left from PostgreSQL installation.
    • Run command: net user postgres dbpass /add
    • Run: compmgmt.msc -> Click Local Users and Groups -> Users -> postgres ->Member of -> Add… -> Administrators -> OK
    • Run: runas /user:postgres cmd.exe -> cd \ -> postgresql-8.4.9-1-windows.exe -> installed successfully without errors. Checked data folder and confirmed files created successfully.
    • Run: compmgmt.msc -> Local Users and Groups -> Users -> postgres -> Member of -> Administrators -> Remove
    • Run: compmgmt.msc -> Local Users and Groups -> Users -> postgres -> Member of -> Add… -> Power Users -> OK

    Installation completed successfully! Enjoy

     [stextbox id=”warning”]Your opinions, comments and suggestions are important to keep the page updated and interesting. [/stextbox]

    . . .

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  • Karthik C
    Thanks buddy it worked 🙂
    • Anisha Bahukhandi (Moderator)

      Hello Karthik,

      Thanks for your Valuable words! Stay tuned…


      Anisha Bahukhandi

  • Vishnu
    Thanks a lot Mohit. It worked in my Windows 10 machine.
  • Yash Agarwal
    Thanx! Worked 🙂
    • Anisha Bahukhandi (Moderator)
      Hello Yash Agarwal,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback! Stay tuned for more blogs…

      Anisha Bahukhandi

  • Tian
    This works for me! Thank you!!!
  • Rana Rashid
    I got this
    Enter the password for postgres:
    what should I write for the password
    • Mohit Chandra (Moderator)
      Though it’s late: By Default, the user is ‘postgres’ and the password is the one which you enter while installing the database.
  • John Stevens
    This was the only link I found on the issue and it worked like a charm^ Thanks!!
  • Marcus
    This worked! Thanks a bunch!
  • Alex Bender
    Full working!
  • umfy
    If it still doesn’t work check if you have c:\windows\system32 added to your PATH.
    • Rajat Sharma
      yes. What should i do next
  • JR
    I had the exact same problem, and this worked! Thanks a lot!
  • Nitin Rangarajan
    Thank you so much Mohit! This was the only source that worked for me. Also, running “compmgmt.msc” in Windows 10 doesn’t show up Local Users and Groups. We have to run “netplwiz” to modify that.

    But, thank you so much. I spent hours trying to work this out. Do you mind if I write an article on this. I will refer your article as the main source.

  • yusuf
    Thank youuuu
  • John Doe
    It works man! Thanks
  • SAEED Akbar
    Interestingly, it has been 7 years since the issue solution was posted and yet the installation has the same problem till this day.
  • uri
    thanks you so much! nothing helped except your answer!
  • Amit Baweja
    it was helpful. i managed to install successfully.
  • Victor
    Working on Windows 10 with postgresql 1. Thanks!
    • Mohit Chandra (Moderator)
      Thank you so much for your feedback. 🙂
  • Andrew
    thank you man
    • Mohit Chandra (Moderator)
      Thank you so much for your feedback. 🙂
  • Tomas Maropa
    same eeror
    • Mohit Chandra (Moderator)
      I hope your error is fixed. Thanks for reading this blog.
  • SERJ
    thank you! working! =)
    • Mohit Chandra (Moderator)
      Thank you so much for your feedback. 🙂
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