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Odoo POS 9 – Turning Over A New Leaf

Updated 26 April 2016


The Odoo Point of Sale Module has been inculcated in Odoo since its version 6 and has been improved since then to become an important feature of Odoo. Odoo Point of Sales has been recognized globally as Smart Point Of Sale for modern business. In fact it is an interface designed for productivity. There has been addition of certain features in Odoo POS Version 9 as compared to previous versions


  • The New Fresh UI
  • Reporting Features
  • Barcode Nomenclature
  • Settings
  • Help Bubble
  • Floor Plan
  • Retaining Orders Even After Page Refresh

Features In Details

The New Fresh UI

The fresh look of POS Session is quite attractive and has an additional feature of MORE, while we Start/Resume/Close any POS session
The option of MORE consist of VIEW and REPORT. Under VIEW, we can directly view the Sessions and Sales Orders of that particular POS

While under REPORTS,if we click on ORDERS, we can see the Sales Report for that particular period. We can also download the same on clicking on Sales Details

Reporting Features

The Reporting Feature is one of the added feature of Odoo POS 9.On clicking on ORDERS, it provides a graphical view of the order based on various parameters which can be selected as per our need

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On Clicking Sales Orders under the Reports menu ,you would be to get a detailed Sales Order for a particular period of any POS as per your requirements.It can be downloaded and viewed. Below is an example of how Details Of Sales would look like on downloading


Barcode Nomenclature

Although Barcode Nomenclature was present in some previous versions of Odoo POS,but it was not present as a separate menu before. But in Odoo 9 POS it is present as a separate menu

We can create our own Nomenclatures and define rules based on that. This feature was not present in previous versions of Odoo POS. This is an added feature/functionality in Odoo 9 POS. Along with Nomenclature name there is also another feature as UPC/EAN Conversion which converts UPC to EAN and EAN to UPC based on requirements

Rules can be defined for every nomenclature separately. One needs to define here type of ruleas per requirements to implement along with Sequence number,Bar code Pattern,and Encoding:-
1) Type :– As its self explained, it is to identity on what basis the rule made
2) Barcode Pattern :– Self-explanatory, its the pattern in which you want the barcode to be presented
3)Encoding :– Here you can choose any of the options from four available(EAN-13,EAN-8,UPC-A and Any). These are all standard Bar coding techniques used globally



The Settings menu is also another added feature/functionality in Odoo POS 9. Here one can set various setting as per his need as below:-
a) Restaurant :- Under Restaurant you can select either you want it to you the POS for Shops or you want table management(if you are using it in an Restaurant)
b) Discount :- Allows to apply discounts on Order Line or Global
c)Credit Cards : – Allow customers to pay with Credit Cards or not
d)Reprint :- No reprint Or Allow reprint receipts
e)Loyalty Program – Manage Loyalty program with Points and Reward System(only available in Enterprise edition)

Help Bubble

This HELP BUBBLE feature is new in Odoo 9, it depicts a help text available for the user and can be viewed by just clicking on the BUBBLE

Restaurant Floor Plan

Although POS restaurant module was available in few previous versions of Odoo,but it didn’t had the concept of FLOOR PLANS.Its completely a new feature in Odoo POS 9. One can create Floor Plans as per Table Number and Number of seats in those tables.Also the Table shape can be configured depending on our requirements.

Along with these features one can also configure the appearance of the Tables (i.e. Height,Width)along with background colors for your Tables in that particular floor as per your convenience. This added feature also had its impacts on the UI of POS Restaurant, as a new look and feel where User can switch between Basic POS Screen and POS Restaurant UI easily.
This added features,also had put impacts on the UI of POS Restaurant, as a new look and feel where the User can switch between Basic POS Screen and POS Restaurant new fresh UI easily.

Another important feature of POS Restaurant In Odoo 9 is that the figure as highlighted below represents the number of orders and seating capacity of that particular table

POS Order Does Not Get Lost If Page Is Refreshed

One of the major issue in previous versions of Odoo Point Of Sales was that the POS order gets lost if web page is refreshed. This issue of lost order which impacted many users/businesses has finally got a solution in Odoo POS 9, which retains the information even if the web page is refreshed i.e. information doesn’t gets lost.

Odoo POS 9 is an advanced and business oriented POS which has many new allied features that suits well to business and helps it in making business manage and grow faster.

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