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    POS Multi PriceList

    Updated 23 August 2018

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    This module has the capability of handling multiple price-lists and switching between price-lists. For Odoo POS,we have come up with this module POS Multi Price-list, wherein you can load multiple pricelist(s) and can also switch between multiple Price-list in a running POS session on the fly.Its also enabled with password authentication feature.


    • Loading Multiple Price-lists
    • Switching between Multiple Price-lists in a running POS session
    • Password authentication during switching of Price List

    Features In Details

    Loading Multiple Price-lists

    For loading multiple Price List into POS, the only thing that one would be required to do is to create Price List(s) under the Sales menu and those Price List(s) will appear on POS automatically if the module is installed and Price List configured properly. This the beauty of the module.Now from here, you can choose any of the Price List and the prices of the products would be set accordingly.

    Switching between Multiple Price-lists in a running POS session

    The major advantage of this module is that you can easily switch between multiple Price-list that you have in your list. And whichever Price List would selected, that Price List will be applied to all products present in the POS.

    Password authentication during switching of Price List

    The password authentication feature which has been added to this module, has added to the overall functionality of the module.To avail this feature of password authentication, you would first required to be configure a password for that user by going to Settings Menu>Users>Point Of Sales and post that once you are done with that password authentication feature gets activated.

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    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo 8, 9 &10

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