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    Link Point-Of-Sale (POS) Category To All Odoo Products

    Point of Sale Merge Category Module: It  is quite a simple yet useful module, which exports all your product’s categories to ‘Point of Sale’, and links all the products with their respective categories in ‘Point of Sale’. If you are planning to run or already running ‘Point of Sale’ in OpenERP and you want to categorize your products in ‘Point of Sale’ as well, then ‘Point of Sale Merge Category Module’, is the best product for you.


    • Create all product’s categories in ‘Point of Sale’ with just 1 click.
    • Link all the products with created categories in just 1 click as well.


    For a newly installed ‘Point of Sale’, you might have noticed that it offers only one category named ‘other’  and links all the products with this category in ‘Point of Sale’. If you have less number of products and also few product’s category, then you can manually create those categories in ‘Point of Sale’ and link all the products with those categories. But If the count of products in your openERP is large, it becomes a hectic task to manually create a large number of categories and link hundreds or thousand products to those categories.

    Point of Sale Merge Category Module Product category view

    Now here comes the ‘torpedo’ to blast away all your issues, ‘Point of Sale Merge Category Module‘. With this module all your hectic task is reduced to just two simple  ‘mouse clicks’.

    How to use the Module:

    On successful installation of the module you will find a new menu  ‘Merge Categories’ available under the ‘Configuration’ menu in ‘Point of Sale’. Once you click this menu a wizard will open and will have two buttons.

    Point of Sale Merge Category Module Category export

    On clicking the first button  with description ‘Create all remaining Categories on POS’, creates all the product’s categories in ‘Point of Sale’ product’s category. Once all the categories are created on ‘Point of Sale’ , the second button click will link all the product with their respective newly created categories in ‘Point of Sale’.

    You will find that this simple  ‘Point of Sale Merge Category Module‘, has reduced a lot of manual labor to just two easy mouse clicks.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO 8

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