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POB: Extension Export Supplier

POB: Extension Export Supplier: If you are currently using Prestashop OpenERP Bridge(POB) base module and you wish to export the supplier information of the product to openERP, then “POB: Extension Export Supplier” is the product for you.


    1. This module allows you to export all the product’s suppliers and their information from Prestashop to openERP.

    2. You can link/unlink all the suppliers with their corresponding product in just one click.


The extension module is needed to be installed on Prestashop end only. Once you download the module you will get the zip file named ‘prestaerpexportsupplier’. Our module supports standard installation process of module installation in Prestashop. Just login to your Prestashop’s backend, then go to ‘Modules’-> ‘Modules’, and click on the ‘Add New Module’ button. After this upload the zip file of the module and then install it.


Once the installation is done you will find a new menu option named ‘Supplier’ has appended to the main menu in ‘OpenERP Mapping’. Click this menu to see what options you have in this menu.

Working of the Module:

1. Export Product’s Suppliers from Prestashop to Openerp:

Under the supplier menu you get two buttons. one is for exporting the suppliers to prestashop and other is to link the suppliers with their corresponding products. To export the suppliers to openerp just click on the button ‘Synchronize’. it will export all the suppliers and also update them if needed.

2. Link Suppliers with Products:

Now once all the suppliers have been exported and Updated, yo can link all the suppliers with their corresponding products. To link the suppliers click on the ‘Link Suppliers’ button available in the ‘Supplier’ menu.


After clicking this button you will be able to successfully link all the suppliers with their corresponding products.



This module helps you to manage your Prestashop suppliers in OpenERP, and you can also link/unlink these suppliers with products with just one single click.

In case of any query or assistance, please raise a ticket at our Ticket Support System.


Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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