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Evolution of Webkul Brand Identity : Introducing Picca

Updated 25 June 2020

In early 2010, launched with a red logo. It had both the drop shadow and a gradient. In previous years, we made constant tweaks to match our logo and brand identity with modern trends.

Today, we are introducing – “The Picca Ribbon”, which is named after Deepika.

Consistent branding help users to recognize and trust the brand. Branding helps to highlight the perception and values of the company.

We designed “Picca” to create a more recognizable Webkul experience for 80,000+ customer base.

Why a new brand element?

We were tweaking our logo for years. We initially had the pungent red, later faded blue, and now the vibrant blue.

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Webkul Logo Timeline

While tweaking our logo for different purposes, we realized we need a more rigid voice for our brand.

Rebranding is not easy. It is hard on the pocket and affects user persuasion. So, we decided not to revamp completely rather introducing a new element.

We were looking for something minimal yet playful, that can fit anywhere from letterheads to social media posts.


We drew numerous iterations and ended up with a minimal geometric form that represented “W”.

Anatomy of Picca

Picca is composed of two minimal geometric forms, the larger at the top left and the smaller at the bottom right.

Picca Usage

We are an agile team, and n number of designers can work on the same thing. So, we drafted documentation for Picca usage to avoid any visual pitfalls and maintain consistency.

Usage of Picca

Picca is branding iron, which is helping us to build a memorable visual experience for the viewers. We are using it everywhere from our social proofs to callouts.

Picca Branding for Webkul Webste

Picca is the genesis of the future of Webkul brand identity and design. It will lay in the foundation for our brand to create a memorable experience for our users.

We are taking more initiatives to make our brand bold to sound loud until then, Picca will act as a silent brand ambassador to promote our tone in the background.

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