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    OpenERP Security and permissions

    OpenERP Security and permissions:
    In OpenERP, Security is a major concern  when any application is considered.  Security is an important factor and it is easy to provide security in module basis.

    Groups can be created as normal records. objects may be accessible indirectly without menu. In order to prevent this, object level permissions must be defined for groups.
    you can insert permissions via CSV file in the security folder inside module.
    file name always is  ir.model.access.csv

    The example below provide a basic view of providing group based access rights.
    Defining group :
    Screenshot from 2013-03-20 18:04:08

    Defining Access Rights ( ir.model.access.csv ) :

    Screenshot from 2013-03-20 18:29:30

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    Now you can give Menu Access to this group. As we know that we defined our group above. we can give this group to our menu or we can define another field  menu_access  in group record.

    Menu Access to group

    Screenshot from 2013-03-20 18:38:26

     And please , don’t forget to include the xml files and ir.model.access.csv  in the OpenERP Descriptor with full path. As you already know   🙂 🙂




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