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    OpenERP Mailjet Connector

     Introduction To Mailjet:

    Mailjet is widely used for real-time Cloud Emailing, you can easily send mass email to your customers by using mailjet emailing platforms.

    Mailjet provides template feature, so that you can easily design your template by own and you can easily send it to your added contact lists.

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    Our Mailjet Connector will easily sync your openerp contacts email into your mailjet account. Which will save your time to add by own.
    • It will sync all your openerp contacts on mailjet.
    • Individually, you can manage each contacts.
    • It will provide mailjet information at openerp end for each contacts.

    OpenERP  Mailjet Connector Workflow

    Go to Mailjet Connector->Mailjet Configuration, and define new mailjet configuration by clicking on create button.

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    you will get similar screen to this, specify mailjet api username and password given into your mailjet account, provide relevant Mailjet list label name, then click on save button, then click on “Test Connection” button you will successful connection message and created mailjet list label id will be shown in “Mailjet List id” .



    For mailjet api key and password, first you have to login into your mailjet account, then go to My account,click on Master Api Key .



    you will get similar screen to this, provide this API key and Secret Key during openerp mailjet configuration.



    Go to Mailjet Connector->Synchronize Now, click on synchronize now contacts button. if you haven’t created mailjet configuration, you can define bye clicking on Configuration mailjet setting.



    Go to Mailjet Connector-> Contact Mapping, you will see similar screen to this. there you will get list all mapped openerp contacts to mailjet.



    you can see the each mapped customer mailjet information by click on mailjet information in customer form page, and even you can synchronize newly added customer to mailjet contacts by clicking on Synchronize To Mailjet.



    Note: There will be no delicacy of contacts, each contact will be creating with unique email id.

    same contacts will be created on mailjet, Go to Mailjet server click on contacts there you will get contact label along with number of contacts.



    Click on your created contact label you will get screen with list of email ids, there you are able to manage each contact individually. Similar to this screen.



    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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