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    Opencart Ticket System

    Updated 27 November 2015

    Opencart Ticket System is the single best ticket System for Opencart platform. With the help of this module customer can generate ticket to Admin and with help of staff admin can manage them and himself too.


    • Ajax based ticket submit, ask query, reply query.
    • Awesome UI.
    • Filter for staff, easy to check every single ticket.
    • Customer, Admin, Staff get email for every main points.
    • Admin authority to any staff as a department admin for that department only.
    • department admin can assign and change department of particular ticket.
    • Team can be created of staffs to work on any ticket together.


    Installation of the module is child play you just need to drag your admin, catalog and vqmod folder in opencart root folder and it will be installed.

    1. If VQMOD is already installed in your system * just copy the “vqmod/xml” folder data into your  “/vqmod/xml/” folder to your installed “vqmod/xml”.

    2. if VQMOd is not installed in your system then just copy full Vqmod folder from root directory and then go to your website frontside or frontpage and write this after url /vqmod/install.


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    vQmod images


    Then in Admin panel go to System > User > Usergroup and edit ‘Top Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.


    After that under extension-> module menu install Opencart Ticket System Module.


    After installation edit it and you will have save it with atleast one option.

    Yes option is to allow send emails through admin’s email id.

    No option is send emails through their own(customer and staff) email id.

    alternative email id option is to give any other email id that admin want to send email by this email id(ex: [email protected]).

    If alternative option is selected then a text box will appear where admin has to give alternative email id.


    After saving the module a menu will be created in header menu as below screen shot.


    Admin Management

    Admin can manage department, staff, team and tickets and will have full access over everything.

    After click on Ticket system tab you can manage

    • Departments.
    • Staffs.
    • Team.
    • Tickets.

    Under Department tab, admin can add departments, edit them, select department admin  and enable or disable them.

    To insert department click on insert button.


    To see all staff of department then click on no of staff in department.


    After clicking on edit option page will open with previous value, change values as needed and click on save to apply changes.


    Under Staff tab, admin can create staff, edit their details, can make department admin, delete and  enable or disable staff.

    After click on insert button, this form will open and after complete these details admin can add staff.

    After edit any one admin can edit staff with or without changing Password.


    Under team tab, admin can insert, edit team and enable or disable team.

    If click on ticket id then admin will be redirected to ticket reply page and can see all replies on that ticket.


    To add team, click on insert and fill all the desired details and click on save to add that team.


    To edit any team click on edit of that particular team and change details as desired.On changing the team name, it will be checked and give message depending on the availability of team name.



    under Tickets tab admin can see all tickets, filter them, assign them to staffs, reply them and edit them as well.

    After click on assign, admin can assign ticket to staff with response.

    and after click on reply, admin can check all history for that particular ticket and add his reply.

    Click on edit to change details of any tickets as per the customer request.



    At from end module link will available in

    • Customer Services.
    • Header menu.

    After click on any of these link customer/staff will redirect to this page and here these can proceed.


    After click on Add ticket, customer can add ticket regarding to his query with his details.


    After save this mails send to Admin and customer both.

    mail to admin

    After this admin can assign this ticket to staff and customer get a ticket id using that customer can check this ticket status.After assign any ticket to staff , staff will get an email.

    mail to staff

    After click on Check Status this form will open and using correct id and email-id customer can check status and ask more query regarding to this ticket.

    After enter correct id this page will open in customer screen, here customer can check replies.

    And can add more question, after click on ask query.


    When Staff comes to welcome page, he can login using LOG IN link.


    And he can use Forgot Password button too.


    After click on Get Password button, staff gets an email regarding Password.


    And after successful login staff can check all tickets assign to him, here staff can filter tickets and change view, can reply.

    Department admin login view with some extra options like open ticket, edit ticket etc.

    Department admin transfer department tab


    Department admin assign tab


    Normal staff login view with only reply option.


    After filter ticket

    After click on change password, staff can change Password.


    collapse view of ticket with pagination set by the staff.


    After click on replay staff can add Reply to ticket and can add file too.


    After click on check order status, staff can check order status.


    Staff can print any ticket by click on print ticket option available on ticket page and print page will look like below screen-shot.


    All of those information are very much self explanatory still have any doubt please add a support ticket

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 1.5.x.x

    . . .

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