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OpenCart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

Updated 11 October 2023

Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector: QuickBooks Desktop is a one-time purchase accounting software to be installed on your desktop computer. Considering the major advantages of Quickbooks desktop version, Webkul has integrated it with Opencart. Now, using the Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector you will be able to sync your Opencart Store – Customer, Product, and Order details with the QuickBooks. Also, when a new user registers, or you add a new product, and when an order is placed by the customers all of this data is synchronized with your QuickBooks Desktop.

**For integrating QuickBooks Online with OpenCart, then please check out OpenCart QuickBooks Connector module.

Watch the video to check more about the plugin –



1. Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise and Quickbook Web Connector( must be installed before using this module. You may refer the link: for QuickBook installation.

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2. You need to enabling verbose logging for QuickBooks Web Connector for Desktop (QBWC) –

3. The module will only work correctly for the SSL certified sites.

4. Both the QuickBooks Desktop and the QuickBook Web Connector application must be simultaneously running on your system. Also, you need to create a company file click here to know how to create one. Please note that which ever company is open at the time of data sync, the data will be synchronized within that only.

5. This integration is tested with the QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 18.0 and should also work with older version.


  • Only some of the special symbols are allowed in the name, description fields. You may refer to the link here for more information.
  • Every displayed Name must be unique across customer, employee and vendor in QuickBooks.
  • There is a limit for the maximum number of characters (letters, numbers and so on) e.g. – Account Name: 31, Account Numbers: 7, Item name: 31, Employee Name (first and last): 25 etc.


  • The admin can synchronize the OpenCart store – Customers, Products, and Orders with the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Sync New Customer Registration from the OpenCart Store to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Sync Adding a new Product from the OpenCart Store to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Further Sync Orders placed in the OpenCart Store with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Auto-sync Order, Customer and Product in QuickBooks Desktop when we add it in OpenCart.
  • Auto-sync Customer and Product in QuickBooks Desktop when we edit it from OpenCart.
  • Further Auto-sync Customer and Order in QuickBooks Desktop when we delete it from OpenCart.
  • Guest Order can be synchronized from OpenCart to QuickBooks.
  • Mass Delete Option for Orders and Customers in OpenCart.
  • Installation

    Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system according to your Opencart version. The extracted folder has admin, catalog, ocmod, system, and wk_qbd directories. You need to transfer the admin, catalog, system and wk_qbd directories into the Opencart root directory on the server as shown below.
    Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

    Once you have uploaded the folders, Navigate to Extensions> Extension Installer and upload the XML file. The XML file can be found in the ocmod folder under the module directory. In the ocmod folder select the Opencart version you are using under which you will find wkqbdc.ocmod.xml file.
    Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector Extension Installer

    After uploading the XML file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on refresh field.
    Modification & Refresh

    Go to Users->User Groups and edit desired group(specially admin) and then give access and modify permission to all the uploaded files.
    User Group Access Permission

  • Admin Configuration – Opencart QuicBooks Desktop Connector

    To configure the module, navigate to Extensions>Modules>Webkul QuickBook Desktop Connector. Here, the admin will install and enable the Webkul QuickBooks Desktop Connector extension.
    Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector Admin Configuration Install
    After clicking on the edit button, a new page will open up and from here the admin can configure the module.
    Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

    Here, the admin will –

    • Set the status of the module as Enable or Disabled as per the requirement.
    • Set the Time Zone for the QuickBook Company.
    • Input the App Name(you can enter app name as per your requirement) for QuickBook Web Connector.
    • Enter the App Description(you can enter app description as per your requirement) for QuickBook Web Connector.
    • Enter the QuickBook Webconnector User Name(you can enter a user name as per your requirement).
    • Set the QuickBook Web Connector Password(you can enter a password as per your requirement and the same will be used for the app validation).
    • Enter the time duration for the web connector scheduler in minutes. The value must be greater or equal to 5.
    • Set the sync slot number and must be between 3 and 30.

    **Note: After filling up all the information in the above section, the admin needs to save the configuration first and only after that will the download button for the QuickBook Web Connector be visible for use.

    ** To create a QuickBook Web Connector app you need to follow the below steps :

    Step 1: After entering all the information, in the above configuration settings, click the download button at the top right-hand side. This will download a opencart.qwc file.

    Step 2: Now, open the QuickBooks Web Connector on your system and click the Add an Application button.

    Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

    Step 3: Clicking the Add an Application button will bring up a section to browse for the opencart.qwc file. Browse the file and select it. After that you will be prompted for the access permissions, allow them to create your application. After that, you will be able to see your created application.
    Select QWC File Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

    Step 4: After selecting the opencart.qwc  file you need to give certain permissions. The pop-up that comes up click on Ok.
    Select QWC File Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector
    Step 5: After above step you will see another pop-up. Check the options as shown below in the snapshot and then click the Continue button.
    Select QWC File Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector
    Step 6: lastly, you will see the Access Confirmation pop-up box. Here, click Done button as shown below in the snapshot.

    Select QWC File Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector
    Step 7: After you have created the application for the first time you will have to update the created app. To update, select the checkbox for the app and enter the password that you have set above for the QuickBook Webconnector Password in the module config settings under the admin panel and then click the Update Selected button.

    Update The Created App

    **Note: For Updating the app on regular intervals, you can also keep the column Auto-Run checkbox marked and set the interval at which the app should get auto-updated.

    Step 8: Now open your QuickBooks Desktop on your system. login and navigate to Edit>Preferences.

    Step 8 Desktop Connector

    Step 9: After this, navigate go to the Sales Tax >Company Preferences and click the Add Sales Tax Item.

    add sales tax item

    Step 10: This brings a pop-up. Here, under the Type section select the option Sales Tax Item from the drop-down option. Also, enter the Sales Tax Name(You can keep anything but should not beOpencart Tax“). Lastly, make sure to set the Tax Rate = 0.0% and click the Ok button to confirm.

    Click OK to complete

    Step 11: After clicking the OK button in Step 1o, Sales Tax Name will be created. You need to select this sales tax name in the Step 9.

    Click OK to complete

  • Admin Management

    After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will have the QuickBooks Desktop menu option with three sub-menu options.

    Main menu option

    The three sub-menu options include –

    • Customers
    • Products
    • Orders

    Opencart QuickBook Desktop Connector
    Under this section, the admin can see a list of all the synchronized customers from opencart store to QuickBooks Desktop. The admin can filter the customer list using various filters like – Opencart Customer Id, Customer Name, QuickBook Desktop Customer Id, and email. Order Synchronization Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

    The admin can also export the opencart store customer list by clicking the Export Customer button and selecting to export All Customers or only the Enabled Customers as per the need. Here, you can also delete the exported customer by checking the checkbox for the ones that you want to remove and then clicking the Delete Customers button.


    Under this section, the admin can see all the synchronized products from Opencart to QuickBooks. The admin can find the details related to the products like the – Product Id, Product Image, Name, Model, QuickBook Desktop Product Id, Unit Price, and Sort Order. The admin can also choose to export all the products or the enabled products only to the QuickBook.Synchronized Products Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector

    After clicking the Export Products button, the products will be added to the export queue and whenever the QuickBook Web Connector app runs the products will be added to the QuickBook. The admin can also filter the products using – Product Id, Name, Quickbook Desktop Product Id, and the Model name.


    Under the orders section, the admin can see all the Orders that have been synchronized from the Opencart store to the Quickbooks. The admin  can filter the order list using the Order Id and the Quickbook Desktop Order Id. The admin can also click on the Export orders button to export the orders from the Opencart store to the Quickbooks desktop.

    Order Synchronization Opencart QuickBooks Desktop ConnectorHere, you can also delete the exported orders by checking the checkbox for the ones that you want to remove and then clicking the Delete Orders button.

  • QuickBooks – Management

    After the admin has manually or auto-synced the Products, Orders, and the Customers from the Opencart store to QuickBooks, the admin can login to their QuickBooks Desktop application to check the synced data.


    After login, navigate to side-panel Customer menu option. Here, the admin can check the orders that will be visible customer wise as shown below in the snapshot.

    Customer Order List

    Clicking the sales receipt will bring up the details of the order as shown below in the snapshot.

    Customer Order List

    Here, the admin will find the details like –

    • Product options name & value selected by the customer while placing the order
    • Payment Method Code 
    • Shipping Method Code
    • Shipping Charge is visible
    • Opencart Tax

    Note:  The tax will not be visible under the Tax section. It’s because the QuickBooks API does not allow editing the Tax section.

    Displaying data on the Sales Receipt:

    Navigate to sales receipts and then click on Formatting>Manage Template as shown below.

    Navigate to Formatting-Manage Template

    Now, a pop-up appears click Ok button on it.

    Navigate to Formatting Manage Template

    After this, the window that comes up click Additional Customization.

    Additional Customization

    Lastly, select the options under the Header for the custom sales receipt like – Payment Method, Ship Via, Ship To, Sold To, etc. that should be visible in the sales receipt as shown below.

    Additional Customization

    Note: Shipping method code will be displayed in the Ship Via Box.

    Under the Columns tab, similarly select the product details to show on the sales receipt.

    Additional Customization


    To check the list of synced products navigate to Lists->Item List. This brings up the section with the products that are synced with the QuickBooks desktop.
    Products Synced With QuickBooks Desktop

    The admin can double tap any product to edit the product details as  shown below in the snapshot.
    Edit Product


    On the left panel, navigate to Customers menu option and this brings up the section with all the customers that have been synced with the QuickBooks Desktop. Select a customer and it will bring up the customer details as shown below in the snapshot.
    Customer List At QuickBooks Desktop

    That’s all for the Opencart QuickBooks Desktop Connector module. Still, have a query or a doubt regarding the extension get back to us at [email protected] or just raise a ticket at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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