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Opencart Quick Edit

Updated 11 October 2023


Opencart Quick Edit process will allow the admin to quickly search and edit order, customer and catalog page from the backend panel. The module will allow the store owner to save a lot of time to allow efficient store management.

Thus, the admin can monitor the functionality of the multiple pages with the help of this plugin.


  • Better management of the admin end configuration via Quick Search and Edit functionality.
  • The admin can effectively manage pages like order, customer, and catalog via Quick Search and Edit.
  • The Quick modification of customer-centric information like- Customer name, mail address, group and status.
  • The order-centric information like order status can Quickly be altered.
  • The admin can Quickly edit the pages in catalog section which are- Product, Category, Option, and Manufacture.


Installation of the Opencart Quick Edit module is very simple. You just need to move or upload the admin, and image folders into the OpenCart root folder.installation_folder

After transferring the folders, use extension installer for uploading the XML file- ocmod.xml which you will find in the ocmod folder.


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After uploading the file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on refresh field.


After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and choose to select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.


Module Configuration

Once you have performed above steps you can now see the module under Extensions->Extension->Modules->Quick Search and Edit from here you can install and edit it.


Admin Configuration

The admin can configure the module by navigating through- Extension> Modules> Quick Search and Edit.

Quick Search and Edit

So, the admin will select the pages for which the Quick Search and Edit feature needs to be enabled-

  • Status- This is set to enable to allow the module to be live.
  • Catalog- The admin enables this field to allow the catalog pages to be reflected in the quick edit.
    • Product- This will allow the quick search and edit feature for the product page in the admin panel.
    • Category- The admin will enable this field to allow the quick search and edit feature on the category.
    • Option- The Product Option can have the functionality of Quick Search and Edit by setting this field as enabling.
    • Manufactures- The admin can easily search and edit the information about manufactures by enabling this field.
  • Orders- The admin can Quickly search and edit the orders by enabling this field.
  • Customer- The admin can enable this field to allow quick search and edit of the information related to the customer.

Quick Search and Edit

Now once the admin has successfully configured the module the admin can utilize this plugin. The admin can navigate to Home>Quick Search and Edit.

Thus, here the admin can view all the pages which were enabled in the configuration end.


The admin here can choose the order page in this section, which will allow filtering out the order which can be edited.


The admin here enters the detail related to the order to enable the filter. Wherein the admin can enter-

  • Order id- The specific identification number for the order. This will allow the order filtration as per order id to give out the most accurate result.
  • Customer Email- This will list out all the orders placed with the email id.
  • Order Status- This will filter out all the order with the corresponding status.
  • Total- This will filter out the order that is having the corresponding total amount.
  • Total- The second total refers to the range of order total which the admin can mention to filter out the orders.
  • Multiple Order Status- The admin can filter out the products as per the various order status. The admin here can mention various order status in this section.
  • Customer name- The admin can enter the name of the customer in this section to allow filtering of order as per customer.
  • Customer Phone- This will filter out the order as per the customer’s phone number.
  • Date Added and Modified- The admin can filter out the order as per the date on which the order was added on the store and the last action was taken on it.
  • Date- In this section, the admin can enter the date range to filter out the orders.
  • Shipping Post Code- The admin can enter the shipping postcode to display all the product with the corresponding postcode.

Order Status Update-Quick Edit-

The admin can see the list of orders as per the applied Filter. So, the admin will Quickly edit the status of the order from here.

For this, the admin needs to click on the order status a pop-up will appear where the admin can select the desired status. Finally, click on the Update to save it.


So, for this, the admin needs to click on the Filter button after filling the order details.


However, the admin will now be able to edit the order, delete the order, view the order. In addition, the admin can add new order detail, print shipping list, and print invoice.


The admin can Quickly search and edit the customer data with the help of Quick Search and Edit plugin.


So, here the admin can enter details as-

  • Name of the customer.
  • Customer contact number.
  • To the Group, the customer belongs like default or some other special customer.
  • The Date on which the customer was added.
  • The email id detail of the customer.
  • The Status of the customer can be entered by the admin.
  • The IP address of the customer with which the customer is accessing the website.

Customer Detail Edit-Quick Edit-

Thus, this will allow the list of the customer to be displayed. Wherein admin can quickly edit the details like-

  • The name of the customer by clicking on the name.


  • The e-mail address of the customer can be edited quickly from here.


  • The customer group can even be updated from this section without actually editing the complete customer details.


  • The admin can even append the customer status from enabled to disabled quickly from this section.


Further, the admin can even edit the customer detail from the Edit button, new customers can even be added, the password of the customer login can be edited, and the customer can even be deleted.


The catalog section contains four major pages- Product, Categories, Options, and Manufactures.

This will quick management of the pages as these sections contain maximum data which changes frequently.


Here, the admin will select ‘Product‘  from the dropdown and fill the details related to the products.

Quick Search and Edit_catalog

The admin can look for the desired product by filling the following details-

  • Product ID- The identification number of the product.
  • Model- The special number for identification of product model.
  • Quantity- The admin can enter the number of units for the product. This field will be useful for the admin to identify the products on the store of a particular quantity.
  • SKU- The admin will enter the stock keeping unit of the product to uniquely identify the product.
  • Product Name- The name of the product as on the store.
  • Price- The cost of the product which needs to be filtered out to be displayed in this section.
  • Categories- The admin can apply a category filter. So, as to find the products under a particular category.
  • Status- The admin can filter out the product as per enabled and disabled products.

After entering the above details the admin can click on the Filter button.

The admin here can edit the Product Name by clicking on the name of the product. Wherein the admin can enter the name in a pop-up and click on Update button.


The admin can edit the Model number of the product from this section.


The admin will have the facility to edit the Price of the product by Quick edit.


Thus, the admin can edit the Quantity of the product Quickly from this section.


The admin can even enable or disable the Status of the product Quickly from this page.


However, to edit the complete product information the admin can click on Edit Button.


The next catalog section will be category wherein the admin can edit the details of a category. Here the admin can filter out the category by entering the category name and/or sort order.

Quick Search and Edit_category

Here in the category list, the admin can quickly edit the name of the category. However, the admin will view and edit the complete category details by clicking edit button.



The admin can even choose the ‘Options’ in the catalog dropdown. Here, to filter out Options the admin needs to enter-

  • Option Name- The admin can enter a particular option name to list down options related to the name.
  • Sort Order- The option can be filtered as per sort order.

Quick Search and Edit_options

In the Options list, the admin can Quickly edit the name of the option by clicking on the option name.


However, the admin can even access the complete information of the ‘Option’ by clicking on Edit Button.


The admin can look for selective manufacturers details to Quickly edit the details.


Here the admin will be able to modify the image associated with the manufacturer, name of the manufacturer and sort order.

Image Change-


Manufacturer Name change-


Sort Order change-


Additionally, the admin will be able to Delete the Manufacturer, redirect to the manufacturer edit page, and add new manufacturer details.

So, that’s all about- Opencart Quick Edit module. Still, have any issue, feel free to contact us at and let us know your views to make the module better.

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

Blog Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
  • Version OpenCart 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x
  • Version 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
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