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    OpenCart POS French NF525 Add-On

    OpenCart POS French NF525 Add-On: This extension helps you to digitally secure your point of sale transactions as per the French Law NF525. All the POS receipt, order invoices, receipt copies will have a digital signature on them.

    The software subscribers in France are now restricted in their ability to modify the completed sales. The restriction will bring your software into accordance with the French anti-fraud measure NF525.

    NF525 regulates all cash drawer and accounting software. So, the French law requires that all the taxable businesses that are recording their payments via a cash drawer, accounting, or management software must utilize a program which meets the established conditions of sales data inalterability, security, storage, and archiving.

    The purpose of this anti-fraud law is to avoid the modification or deletion of transactions and reduce tax evasion across the European Union.

    Note:  This extension is an add-on to the OpenCart Point Of Sale System(POS). Before using this add-on, you must have first installed the OpenCart Point Of Sale System(POS).

    Watch the below video tutorial to understand the extension workflow:



    • Enable/disable the module.
    • Show/hide digital signature on order invoice.
    • Show/hide digital signature on the sales receipt.
    • Show/hide digital signature on receipt copies.


    Step 1:

    Extract the contents of the received zip folder on your system according to your OpenCart version. The extracted folder has admin, catalog, and ocmod folders. Now, upload the admin & catalog folders into the OpenCart root directory.


    Step 2:

    After uploading the folders, login to admin panel and then go to Extensions ->Installer to upload the XML file – wkpos_french_nf525.ocmod.xml/ whichever is present in ocmod folder.


    Step 3:

    After uploading the XML file go to the Extension -> Modifications and click on Refresh button.


    Step 3:

    Now go to Extensions-> Extensions->Modules->Webkul French NF525 POS Addon and click the Install button to install the module.


    Module – Configuration Settings

    After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will navigate through Extensions->Extensions-> Modules->Webkul French NF525 POS Addon. Here, tap the edit button to bring up the configuration settings for the the add-on.


    Tapping the edit button bring up the configuration settings.


    Here, the admin will –

    • Status: Enable to make use of the add-on else select this as Disabled.
    • Show Signature: Select where to display the signature – Order Invoice, Original Receipts, or Receipt Copies.

    lastly, tap the Save button to save the configuration.

    Workflow – French NF525 POS Add-On

    The POS Sales agent adds the product for the customer to the POS cart.

    The sales agent taps the ‘Checkout‘ button and then selects the Cash Payment method. After that the sales agent taps the Accept Payment button.

    Now, the sales agent can print the invoice right now or later by tapping the Skip button. To print the invoice right now tap ‘Print Invoice‘ button.


    This displays the receipt for printing purposes as shown below in the snapshot with the SSL signature.


    The details of the placed order is also visible in the admin backend under the ‘POS Orders‘ menu option.

    Webkul Opencart French NF525 Pos Add On Pos Order Deails List

    When the order is placed a Signed Order Id is generated along with a signature, and the transaction is set as verified. Now, if any one tries to make changes for this placed order from the backend then the admin can see the ‘Not Verified’ text under the verified column meaning that the placed order was either modified/deleted.


    Point Of Sale(POS)

    The admin will have the Point of Sale(POS) menu with different sub-options.


    For a detailed description of the Point Of Sale(POS) section check it’s User Guide.


    That’s all for the OpenCart POS French NF525 Add-on. In case you need more information or require any customization, then please send an email to [email protected] or raise a ticket at our Helpdesk System.

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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