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Opencart POS Customer Checkout-User Guide

Updated 11 October 2023

Opencart POS Customer Checkout: This module provides the customers a facility to add the POS products to the cart themselves and send a checkout request to the POS Sales Agent from the cart.

The POS Sales Agent can view the checkout requests and make a checkout for the requested cart products.

Note: This module is an add-on to Webkul’s Opencart Point of Sale System (POS), so to use this extension you need to install it first.

Check a brief overview of the plugin working –


  • The customers can add the POS products to the cart themselves.
  • The customers can send the checkout cart request to the POS agent.
  • The POS agent can view the checkout cart request.
  • The POS agent can checkout for the cart request.
  • The Admin can create the POS customer cart request link.
  • The Admin can set the customer details option for the customer checkout request.

Installation: POS Customer Checkout for Opencart

First, extract the downloaded zip file. After that, open the correct Opencart Version Folder. According to Opencart Version installed in your system.

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Then, upload the admin, catalog, fpdf, image, system to the Opencart root directory.


Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions > Extension Installer and upload the .zip file- The zip file can be found in the ocmod folder for 3.x.x.x version and .xml file for 2.x.x.x version.


After uploading the zip file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh field.


After that, go to System > Users > Usergroups. And then edit ‘Administrator’. Select the shown checkboxes for both Access Permission and Modify Permission and Save it.

Edit user group Customer Cart Screen for Opencart POS

Now navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Modules. Find POS Customer Checkout from the list. Click the Install button as visible in the screenshot below.


Admin Configuration-POS Customer Checkout for Opencart

After the successful installation of the extension Opencart POS Customer Checkout. To configure the extension. Firstly, in the sidebar menu go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules.

Further, click on the edit button next to POS Customer checkout Addon.


After clicking on the edit button that navigates to the below settings:


The Admin can enable or disable the status of the module and set the customer details form according to the business requirements from the General setting.

To generate a POS Customer checkout request link by navigating through Point of Sale > Users > POS Users. From the POS Menu button, the admin can generate the link.


Module Workflow-POS Customer Checkout for Opencart

The POS Screen will be visible to the customer as shown in the image:


The customer can click on the POS products and add these products to the POS cart.


On clicking the Request Checkout button a page will be displayed to fill in the information. Here the customer has to fill in the details


After entering in the details, the customer can click on the Request Checkout button to the POS Sales Agent.


An order request ID will generate after the checkout request with an order success message as shown in the screenshot:


In the POS Sales agent end, the POS customer checkout request can be seen in the Checkout Requests option.


The customer’s cart checkout requests will display with Request order ID, Name, Telephone, Amount, Request created Date and Actions.


On clicking the View button the POS agent can view the requested order with the order details.


To make a check out the POS Agent will click on the Checkout action button and again click on the checkout option present below the cart details to place an order.

Also, POS agents can now accept Stripe payments using a card swipe terminal with our OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector Add-on.


And after checkout, the POS Agent can also generate the invoice for the placed order.


These orders will display in the Orders section of the POS.


The admin can also view these orders in the Orders option by navigating through Sales> Orders> Orders List.


On clicking the View button, order details will display to the admin as shown below in the screenshot:


That’s all for the Opencart POS Customer Checkout extension. However, if you still have any questions regarding the module please create a support ticket by clicking here or send an email to [email protected]

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x and 3.x.x.x

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