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Guide for OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector

Updated 9 January 2024

OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector Addon allows the POS Agent to accept Stripe payments through a card swipe terminal.

This makes it easy for POS agents to connect the card swipe device and Stripe payment gateway. It also allows POS merchants to add Stripe as a payment option in their stores.


OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector is an add-on to the OpenCart POS System. You will need to download the OpenCart POS System first. 

To connect the Stripe card swipe terminal to the POS outlet, you will need a BBPOS WisePOS E-card reader. Please check the Strip Card Swipe terminals.

The Add-on supports the USA region and currencies compatible with the Stripe payment gateway.

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Check the video mentioned below for an overview of the workflow of this addon:



  • Enable Stripe as a payment gateway for card transactions at your point-of-sale (POS) system.
  • Connects to the Stripe card reader when it’s turned on.
  • Easily connect and manage multiple BBPOS WisePOS E card readers within your POS outlet.
  • Accept various card types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • Use the simulator mode to conduct test payments through Stripe.
  • OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector offers customers the choice of using the Stripe payment gateway or alternative payment methods.


The installation of the Opencart POS System module is very simple. You just need to move or upload the admin, catalog, wkpos_stripe folders into the OpenCart root folder.


Post uploading the file go to Extensions > Modification then click on the refresh field.


User group

After that in the Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup then edit ‘Administrator’ select to select all for both Access then Modify Permission After that save it.

User group

So, post that under Extension > Module, you can install or uninstall the module and edit the module.


Language Translation

OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector also supports multiple languages. Please click here to learn about the Opencart language installation and translation.

Stripe API to Connect OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector

First Step: Go to the Strip dashboard and enter your login details.

Stripe API to Connect OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector

Second Step: Now on the Home tab, the test keys will display.


Third Step: Click the Developers option present in the top right corner then the API Keys menu option on the side panel to see the live Publishable key(API Publishable Key).

API key

Now, click the “Reveal test key token” to get your Secret Key(API Key). Clicking the “Reveal test key token” will bring up the – Secret Key(API Key).

Admin Configuration

After the successful installation of the POS system module admin will be able to view the POS Stripe Terminal tab where the admin may manage the Stripe payment connector.

Now, The admin can configure the module by navigating to Extensions> Modules > POS Stripe Terminal under the Extensions tab.

Admin Configuration-POS-Stripe-Terminal

In the module configuration,

  • Select Store: Choose the store from the available options.
  • Enable Module: Activate the module by checking the “Enable” tab.
  • Secret Key: Enter the Stripe secret keys provided by Stripe in the designated field.
  • Mode: Select “Card” as the mode for payment processing. Optionally, enable the simulator mode for testing purposes.
  • After configuration, the admin saves the settings.

Add Location

Following configuration, proceed to add the location address and provide a name for the POS terminal.

For country and address updates kindly refer to this link.

Add Location- OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector

Location Readers

Add POS reader information and associate it with the previously added location.


Provide a label for the POS reader, select the corresponding location created earlier, and input the POS “Registration Code” provided by the card reader when it’s turned on to establish the connection.


Users- Add Terminal location

The admin needs to Add a terminal location under the POS user section as well.

Add User in admin end

POS Agent Workflow

The POS agent clicks to stripe and selects the reader from the dropdown. Once the reader is connected to the POS popup will show a success message.


The POS agent begins a sale transaction with a customer by adding products or services to the cart within the POS system.

Choosing Payment Method


During the checkout process, the POS agent selects “Card Payment” as the payment method for the customer’s order.

for POS Customer Checkout where they can add POS products to the cart and send checkout requests to the POS agent for that cart, you can check another Add-on Opencart POS Customer Checkout.

Payment Processing

Webkul_OpenCart_POS-Terminal-Connector_POS Agent Workflow

If the simulator mode is enabled for testing, the POS agent initiates the payment process using a simulated transaction.

If live mode is active, the POS agent ensures that the internet connection is stable and proceeds with the payment.

Card Swipe and Transaction

The POS agent swipes the customer’s card using the BBPOS WisePOS E-card reader.

The OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector module securely processes the payment using Stripe’s payment gateway.

The payment details are sent for authorization and validation.

Generating Order Receipt


After a successful payment, the POS agent generates an order receipt the receipt includes payment details and confirmation.

If you want to create a customized sales receipt for the POS you can check OpenCart POS Custom Receipt extensions.



This is all for the OpenCart Stripe POS Terminal Connector Extension. Furthermore, if there are any doubts then please feel free to email us at [email protected] or create a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

Also, please explore our OpenCart services and an extensive range of quality OpenCart extensions.

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 3.x.x.x

. . .

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