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Opencart Marketplace Version2 Product Mass Upload XLS File Demo

Updated 31 December 2019

This post will show you how to add and update products in mass using the XLS file and will provide you an overview of the structure of the XLS file.


  • You can add multiple options, special, discounts, custom fields for the multiple products.
  • You can add the product description, attributes in multiple languages.
  • Back up files can also be used as Demo XLS file to add the products in bulk.
  • Image path should be correct else the image will not get uploaded.
  • Export products in Bulk/Selective.
  • The files which are exported can be imported.

Mass Upload Products (XLS File)

For importing products via the XLS file

  • The Data flow profile could be selected as created in the admin panel.
  • Just select the File type as “XLS“.
  • Then select to Add New Upload New product.
  • Upload the XLS file having the Product Information.


  • You can create a new XLS for uploading new products very easily. In XLS file, the first row defines the column name.
  • You can write it in both small or capital letter and also in multi-languages. You can write anything in the column name, but you have to match this correctly in the later steps.xls-1

Defining Description, Meta-Description, Keywords, & Title

You can add a description of multi-language using tab name, separator, field name, and language. Like description:name:English. Here, the description is tab name, the name is the field name and English is a language.


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Adding the – meta-description, meta-keywords, and meta-title.

How To – Define Attributes

You can add attributes in multi-language, using the field name and attribute name.

How To – Define Options

You can add multiple options to a single product and also multiple values for an option. Option name, type, value are essential for adding an option in the product. Option type must be in small letter and also in any language.


How To – Define Special Entry For Product

You can add multiple special entries for a single product using the model field in each row.

How To – Define Discount Entry For Product

You can add multiple discount entry for the single or multiple products using the model field as shown below in the snapshot.

How To – Define Product SubImage(Thumbnail)

You can add multiple sub-images for the single product using tab name, separator, field name. Like product images:image. In your XLS image path looks like this catalog/folder_name/file_name.png(extension).

How To – Define Custom Field

You can add multiple custom fields for the single product. For adding the custom field in XLS file – name, type, and value is mandatory. Custom field type must be in small letter and custom field value must be same as the product option created in the admin side.

**NoteCustom field is applicable for OC version 2.0.X

How To – Update Products(XLS)

Select “Update Old Product’s” as shown in the below screenshot and enter valid parameters.

The seller can select the data flow profile, select seller, file type(as CSV), update old product and upload zip file like in case of Upload new Products.


How To – Update Attributes in XLS File

If you want to update an attribute in the existing product then, you have to add product id and model:name combination. The first row defines column field.

How To – Update Option in XLS File

You can update multiple options for a single product and also update multiple values of an option for a single product. Option name, type, value are essential for updating an option. When you will update an option, the previous option will be deleted and the newly updated option will be applied.

How To – Update Discount Entry in XLS File

If you want to update discount entries in the existing product then, you have to add product id and model:name combination in XLS file structure. Like below screenshot.

That’s all for the Opencart Marketplace Version2 Product Mass Upload XLS File Demo. Still, have issues or want to give your suggestions to make this module better just raise a ticket at

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